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Our Mission
Identifying and nurturing musical talent in children and youth in an environment of excellence that values and promotes diversity.

The Annapolis Model
The Annapolis Symphony Academy is committed to cultural and economic diversity in its student body. About half of all Academy students are of African-American or Latino background, and about half are not. Likewise, about half of all students, regardless of cultural background, who meet the family income criteria receive need-based full-tuition scholarships, while about half pay the full tuition rate.

A Message from Netanel Draiblate
Founder & Director, Annapolis Symphony Academy
Concertmaster, Annapolis Symphony Orchestra

Music has the power to change lives. It is soulful, invigorating, challenging, emotionally charged and immensely rewarding. It affects us all every day in virtually all situations we find ourselves in.

Numerous scientific studies have proven the benefits of musical education from an early age. These studies have pointed out benefits such as improved cognitive function, healthy social-emotional development and academic success as well as lower risk for certain illnesses. It is no coincidence that some of the world’s greatest minds such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham-Bell and Neil Armstrong (just to name a few) were musically educated.

The benefits of music education are obvious, the impact is clear, yet the question arises: how do we train ourselves to be musically proficient? That is where we come in! The Annapolis Symphony Academy was created to fill in the need for high-level musical education in Anne Arundel County. Our vision is to nurture and develop every individual’s unique artistry and creativity. What better way to do so than with classical music! We have created an accessible program that promotes talent, equality, free thinking, and embraces diversity while exposing youth in our community to classical music. Our incredible faculty represents the best in music education and performance. We strive to provide the highest level musical instruction through individual lessons, ensemble training and various workshops to the diverse talent we seek to promote.

While classical music embraces all, it is not always accessible to everyone. It is a published fact that only a staggering 4% of orchestral players come from a minority background in the United States*. The Academy is structured in a unique way that promotes accessibility to classical music to all who seek it in any demographic, cultural or social sphere.

It is my pleasure to invite you to join us. Allow us to introduce you to the wonders of music and in return, introduce us to something unique about yourself. We can create a family together, a musical roof over a shared vision that our lives can be changed for the better with the power of music.