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Our Orchestra
Established in 1963, the BFO is an all-star ensemble that meets each summer in the historic and beautiful southern Oregon town of Jacksonville. Our musicians come from many of the most important and respected year-round orchestras in the country and teach at some of the finest conservatories and universities in the world.

unique group of musicians perform under the leadership of Music Director Teddy Abrams, a rising star in the symphonic world. The summer festival spans 20 days in late June and early July with six performances with the full BFO, plus additional events such as chamber music concerts and curated performances for children, all at our extraordinary outdoor amphitheater under the great Oregon sky.

Available Positions
The following one-year, substitute positions are open for the 2022 season:
  • Flute II/Utility
  • Flute III/Piccolo/Utility
  • Oboe III/English Horn/Utility
  • Clarinet II/Utility
  • Clarinet III/Utility/Bass
  • Bassoon III/Contra
  • Horn I & III/Asst.
  • Horn II & IV
  • Principal Trumpet & Trumpet III
  • Tuba
  • Principal Harp
  • Principal Percussion
  • Section Percussion (2 positions)
  • Violin I & II, Section (multiple positions)
  • Viola, Section (3 positions)
  • Principal & Assistant Principal Cello
  • Cello, Section

The following Tenure Track positions are open for audition:
  • Utility Horn
  • Principal Keyboard

Section base compensation for the 2022, three-week season: $1,838.40
(Rate of pay listed is based on the current Master Agreement. Housing with host family and travel allowance up to $750 is also available based on terms oin the current Master Agreement.)

For Your Audition

Choose the position you'd like to audition for from the drop-down on the left side of this page.
You will need to upload a resume as well as several audio files of selected pieces. You will see the required audition selections when you choose your position.

Please note that this is the only place you can apply for BFO positions. Do NOT send files or resume to Britt staff. They will not be accepted.

General Instructions for First-Time Use
After you select your instrument, click "Apply" at the bottom-left of the page.
Click on "Sign-up" to create an Acceptd account
Follow the prompts to create your account
For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.

Notes for Winning Candidates
All BFO musicians will be required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination along with their signed contract of employment with the Britt Festival Orchestra. This includes a full vaccination regimen (two Pfizer or Moderna, or one J&J) and a booster.
BFO musicians are placed in host homes during the festival. All members of the host homes are also required to be fully vaccinated with a booster.

National Alliance for Audition Support
The Britt Festival Orchestra is proud to be a partner orchestra of the National Alliance for Audition Support (NAAS), an unprecedented national initiative to increase diversity in American orchestras. It will do so by offering Black and Latinx musicians a customized combination of mentoring, audition preparation, financial support, and audition previews. Learn more at

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.