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Playbill Magazine hails Broadway Theatre Project,
“…the world’s most prestigious musical theatre arts education program for high school and college students.” 

Summer 2024"Shaping the Artist"

The 2024 BTP Summer Institute will be June 20 - July 29, 2024

at the University of South Florida’s College of The Arts in Tampa, Florida

BTP is the only summer institute that offers apprentices such a breadth of education in preparation of a musical theatre career. The Project feels that it is imperative to expose the apprentices to as many styles, techniques and methods that are being used today in the performing arts world and professional entertainment industry.

For the first time in Project history, we are only taking only the Top 12 students from around the world to train with us this summer.  We will move forward together with your artistic journey and mark your theatrical orbit with opportunities only available with a curriculum developed for this limited number of students in mind.  Once you apply and have been selected, you will receive 10 days of highly focused attention on developing your artistic, audition and performance skills.  This will be done in concentrated classes, taught both in small group settings and individually.

BTP is unparalleled in bringing its students the best training and guidance possible in order to pursue a career in musical theatre. During BTP’s 10 day summer session, artists who are creatives or performers or both, describe how their individual roads are navigated while moving toward and through this chosen profession. The students enjoy having the opportunity to share with their teachers (as there are many opportunities to do so) as their questions can be asked and answered quite frankly by those who have made a definite difference in the musical theatre arena.

The Project was founded in 1991 by Tony award winning dancer, choreographer and director, Ann Reinking, and her associate, Co-Founder, President and BTP Co-Artistic Director, Debra McWaters.  The Project has worked hard in order to receive accolades and others that have been voiced by the myriad of artists who have walked through its doors in order to teach the next generation of musical theatre performers.


Students at Broadway Theatre Project attend an insanely intense 10 day training program that focuses on the basic disciplines of musical theatre including acting, dance, voice, and the many facets of each. The critical life skills necessary to prepare students to work in the professional world of the musical theatre stage are also addressed.

The mission of this intensive ten day training program is to further develop the key disciplines of musical theatre, as well as the critical life skills necessary to prepare pre-college students for the college process, pre-professional students for what is ahead in the professional world, and most importantly a variety of polished skills necessary to prepare students to ultimately work in the world of professional theatre.

Broadway Theatre Project endeavors to provide educational excellence and mold a creative, collaborative, well-rounded, mentally well-balanced, professional, musical theatre arts performer.


Along with only having 12 apprentices in your class and a personally assigned mentor to guide you before, during and after the program, BTP will be hosting three distinct guest artists that will not only give you an in-depth profile of their artistic journey.  These guests will also provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for our 12 by giving a sneak peak into their creative process by performing for our 12 a sample of their work.  Three of our evenings will be dedicated to viewing, sharing and learning from these special performances.  These are private showings to only our 12 and the BTP faculty and staff.  Imagine, you will be in the room where it happens!  The next day you will be in class with these artists as they break down what has worked for them as they inspire you to do your very best work.  Watch for news as we announce our headliners for this special opportunity (subject to artist availability).


- We emphasize artistry - you will be guided to develop your own personal aesthetic and be able to make smart, well informed decisions on next steps in your performing arts journey
- We will allow you to grow in new and exciting ways - you will be learning to navigate the tools necessary to build skills, distinguish yourself and and train through elevated technique driven classes
- We value performance as well as well crafted art - the opportunity to drive performance and presentation techniques will be the core of your curriculum
- Your strengths will be honored - You will return home a very different artist so you can approach the stage and the working world with an insight from collaborative teachings from professionals.  You can then work towards the artist you want to become.  Artistry is at the center of the work, the value of the work and the next logical step for you. 
- We will help you focus your drive - Exposure to technique driven classes, performance driven classes, a working knowledge of the different types of auditions rooms that exist in the business and also artistic creative in nature courses, bringing you a step closer to being the artist you want to be/both in a one on one and group setting
- Mentorship - You will be assigned a BTP Faculty member to assist you in not only moving through the performing arts today, but also in your next steps
- Broadway Rep - Opportunities to learn original and challenging choreography that were choreographed for MTP/BTP by Ann Reinking and Deb McWaters that are still being used on Broadway today and also other numbers that were workshopped at BTP over the years.  Also, you will learn an original warm-up developed by Ann and Deb and used by many in the industry already.

This journey starts with a strong foundation so that you can easily maneuver the ever changing platforms of all the performing arts opportunities.


A recorded audition must include a  song (16-32 bars is sufficient), a  1-2 minute monologue, a jazz combination and a tap combination, (if the student feels comfortable tapping).

The recording can be made from a phone or camera device and does not need to be of professional quality.  The audition is not going to be affected at all by the quality of the recording, provided that the work can be easily seen and heard.

It is acceptable to send cuts of live performances as long as the applicant can be clearly seen and is singing solo in the vocal section. A thorough description of who the candidate is if he or she is performing within a group is required.

The length of the dances will be left to the applicant's discretion. Approximately 2 minutes of each is sufficient.

Please upload your current headshot and current performance and training resume'.  You can upload all of this directly to Accept’d.

Latest date for submission is March 1, 2024 - we will have rolling admissions until all 12 spots have been filled.  We suggest getting your application and uploads in early.

If you have any questions, please contact Co-Artistic Director Debra McWaters at 877-275-7050 or by email at  Explore our Instagram page at BTP OFFICIAL if you have any questions. Also  please visit our website at