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Thank you for your interest in Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI). Use this portal to submit your Admissions Application, upload your audition videos or schedule a live audition, apply for scholarship, and more. 

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Prior to applying, we recommend you read these Frequently Asked Questions.
We also recommend you review the Areas of Study at BUTI.

Students are often eligible to apply for multiple programs on the same instrument (for example, a two-week workshop plus a young artists program, or the Electric Composition Workshop and the Young Artists Composition Program). You may apply for multiple programs on the same instrument within the same application. There is no need to submit a second application to apply for multiple programs on the same instrument.

Step 1: Select your Program Group 

On the left menu, please select your instrument in the Program Group field.

If you would also like to audition on a second instrument/discipline, (for example, violin and composition), you must submit a separate application (with reduced application fee) for each additional instrument or area. To apply on a secondary instrument, use the coupon code 02BUTI23 on the final payment screen of the second application to obtain a reduced application fee of $30.00 on your second application (note: the coupon code will only work if you use the same Acceptd login information as your first application, and your first application has already been submitted).

Step 2: Select your Manner of Audition 
Next, please select your preferred manner of audition in the Program field. There is no preference given to either recorded or live auditions; both methods are accepted and reviewed equally by BUTI. Applicants may audition in one of the following ways:

  • Live Audition - After submitting your Admissions Application, you will be prompted to schedule a live audition. You may not schedule a live audition until after your Admissions Application has been submitted. To see the cities where we're hosting live auditions in 2024, please refer to the BUTI website.
  • Video Recorded Audition - You will be prompted to upload your audition video(s) directly to the Admissions Application and will not be able to submit your Admissions Application until your audition materials have been successfully uploaded.
  • Utilize BU School of Music Audition - For students who are also applying to a degree program at the BU School of Music, you may select to utilize your BU audition for your BUTI application (you must still submit this application).
  • Composition and/or Electroacoustic Composition - This is only applicable to students auditioning for the Young Artists Composition Program, Composition Fundamentals Workshop, or the Electroacoustic Composition Workshop.
  • Other - You should only utilize this method if you have been granted express permission from the BUTI admissions office due to a special circumstance.
If you have technical questions about the Admissions Application, please contact Acceptd support by clicking the green HELP button on your screen. If you have questions relating to the application process or admissions/auditions requirements, please contact BUTI at or 617.353.3386.

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.

We look forward to reviewing your application and audition!