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If you are looking for someone to appreciate or understand your personal expressive spirit, we invite you to apply immediately.

Calliope is a multi-platform experience uniting digital, performing, and visual arts. Calliope is a hub for creativity in all forms and seeks to inspire joy in artists and audiences.  We imagine a world of universal equality and healing artistic experiences, and we invite you to become your own muse.

Calliope is searching for classically or self-trained musicians (ages 18-26 years old) who have a highly emotional, expressive, and individual style of performing, and who wish to join a company that creates joyful, futuristic, and risky performance experiences for digital and live spaces. If you have talents in any other genres of music (jazz, hip hop, country, indie, world music, etc.) or other talents (dance, acrobatics, painting, acting), we would love to consider incorporating them into our creations. 

At the core of Calliope’s mission is a commitment to joy, respect, equality and diversity, radical imagination, and a tremendous hunger to create something that will change the world through truth, beauty, and compassion.

We hope to show a new generation of artists a different relationship between themselves and their art, and their art with the ever-changing world around them.

In 2023, there are two major projects.  The first is a 2-3 concert series given in the West coast region, and the second is the filming of the entire creative process and performances for digital distribution.  We will offer housing and meals during the week long rehearsal process and concerts. Financial assistance for travel will be available upon request. Additionally you will have access to a series of masterclasses on subjects including: marketing and entrepreneurship, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the arts. 

Application process will include submission of videos answering interview questions, unedited performances on your primary instrument, and a brief biographical summary. 

Calliope receives no profit or compensation form the application fee. Visit to learn more.