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Greetings to all CAPMT State Finalists!

Please read the following rules for our 2022 CAPMT State Finals for Honors, Contemporary and Concerto Competitions:

  1. The CAPMT State Finals will be a video round.
  2. Select your correct Age Category, District and Program (Competition) from the drop down menu. Once your selections have been made, they CANNOT BE CHANGED.
  3. Please enter your FULL address when prompted.
  4. NO CHANGES in competition repertoire are allowed without disqualification.
  5. No accompanists or scores for judges are required due to the current pandemic.
  6. Contestants will submit a video performance of the repertoire listed on the original application.
  7. State Finals videos for Honors, Contemporary, and Concerto Competitions must be uploaded by 6pm on Saturday, March 19, 2022 via Acceptd.

Video Instructions

  1. MTNA and CAPMT partners with Acceptd, a digital platform used for auditions and competitions. Entrants must sign up for an Acceptd account in order to upload their performance videos. Sign up (or login) for an account here.
  2. Videos must be of high quality.
  3. Video recording must be made with one fixed camera angle/location focused such that the contestant’s face and hands are always in view.
  4. Videos must contain all repertoire listed on the original application. Entrants should NOT introduce themselves or announce the piece being recorded.
  5. Each piece (including individual movements of a larger work) must be uploaded as an individual video file. No editing is allowed. Each selection must be labeled with the title, composer and performance time. For individual movements of a larger work, label with the title, Roman numeral of movement and composer. Example: Sonata in F Minor, Op. 2, No. 1, I., Beethoven. Preludes and Fugues may be considered a single piece.
  6. Check videos for sound quality prior to uploading.
  8. A high-speed internet connection is recommended.
  9. Chrome is the preferred browser for Acceptd.
  10. Should you have problems uploading videos, try uploading one at a time, making sure each upload is complete prior to starting the next upload.
  11. Judges will listen to a portion or all of each video up to the following time limits: Category A (9 and under) 10 minutes, Category B (10-12) 10 minutes, Category C (13-15) 12 minutes, Category D (16-18) 15 minutes, Category E (19-26) 15 minutes. 
  12. Entrants who do not follow guidelines may be disqualified.

Communication protocol is as follows: parent-teacher-district chair-state chair-VP of Competitions. Please follow this chain of communication as outlined in the CAPMT Competitions Handbooks.

A list of CAPMT Competitions Winners will be emailed approximately one week after the submission deadline. Awards include: 1st, 2nd (Alternate) and 3rd Place Winners and Honorable Mentions (not ranked) in each Competition Category.

Best wishes to all contestants!


Dr. Julie Ann Ballard
CAPMT VP of Competitions

For any technical questions, please reach out to Acceptd Applicant Support Help Desk