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Catawba College Theatre Arts is grounded in the liberal arts tradition, and therefore we are quite different from conservatory training programs.  All Theatre students, regardless of degree track, are required to take courses and have experiences in multiple aspects of theatre--onstage and off--and all of our classes are open to any student regardless of degree track. Philosophically, we believe this makes you a better artist; practically we know this makes you more attractive to the industry...more marketable!

The main differences between our Theatre Arts degree tracks:

The B.A. allows for more freedom and diversity in your interests, for students who enjoy a variety of aspects of theater and want to develop a broader variety of skills and interests in theatre, for those who have not yet decided on a theatre arts focus, or for those wanting double majors or more travel experiences. No pre-approval is needed to declare a B.A. major in Theatre Arts.

B.F.A. tracks have a narrower, more strucured focus and have less freedom for students to explore the variety of interests outside the BFA focal area; this track is better for students who want to focus deeply on a specific area of theatre (Performance, Musical Theatre, Design and Production). BFA students must audition/apply and be approved for the BFA program. 

The B.S. is an interdisciplinary degree that is jointly administered by Catawba Theatre Arts and the Ketner School of Business. No pre-approval is needed to declare a B.S. in Theatre Arts Administration.

Selecting a degree path for this application, however, does not lock you into anything: it just gives us a sense of where you see yourself right now. It is quite common to discover new interests and change degree tracks while you are here; in fact, we encourage you to explore and develop new passions!

Please select your desired degree track to see specific application guidelines.

Once our faculty have had the opportunity to evaluate your digital audition/portfolio/presentation, we will send you information regarding scholarship qualifications and reach out to coordinate your attendance at a Theatre Arts Experience Day. Click here to find out more about the day!

For a more detailed overview of the Shuford School of Performing Arts and our programs, please visit our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Beth Homan, Department Chair of Theatre Arts at

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.