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Application for Caleb Chapman's Soundhouse Studio and Soundhouse Studio Pro

Application Open Window: May 26 - June 25

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$199 monthly Soundhouse Studio (Ages 14-19)
$199 monthly Soundhouse Studio (Adults)

$249 monthly Soundhouse Studio Pro (Ages 14-19)
$249 monthly Soundhouse Studio Pro (Adults)

Application Process

  1. Submit the sales receipt# for the $30 Application Fee
  2. Submit the application
  3. Submit your band preference
  4. Submit 2 Videos 
    • Each video should demonstrate your music performance ability for placement
    • Rename the file with your name before uploading. 
      • Example: Katie_Smith_Video_1.mp4
      • Example: Katie_Smith_Video_2.mp4
    •  Format: MP4
    • 5 minutes maximum per video  

Questions? Email

Please note: Limited spots are available for each band.
If your desired spot is unavailable, you may choose to be placed on a waiting list or request an application fee refund.