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ASEAN stands for Association of South East Asian Nations. It promotes the economic growth of 10 countries located south of China. More on ASEAN

​College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts
  • Official institution integrated into Chengdu University
  • 3 main divisions: School of Music and Dance, School of Fine Arts and Design, School of Film and Animation
  • the 3 Schools together award yearly up to 200 full scholarships for new students, tuition and living expenses are fully covered
  • each scholarship has a total worth of $18,400 USD (Bachelor) and $11,000 USD (Master)
  • internationally accredited Bachelor and Master degree courses
  • renowned expert faculty from around the world
  • guest artists, masterclasses, festivals and workshops for cutting-edge education
  • brand-new multi-million-dollar campus including state-of-the-art performance center with concert halls of all sizes 
  • Chinese language knowledge not required for the application
  • Freshmen are focusing intensively on the instrumental major and Chinese only
  • friendly ties with music institutes worldwide, assisting graduates in applying for further degrees
  • semester starts September 2022
  • highest international standards of education
  • enhancing classical music traditions to match modern world requirements
  • practical training with emphasis on performance in concerts, competitions and orchestra integration
  • provide skill sets for a successful artistic career in a modern dynamic setting
  • international cooperation and organization of multicultural events
  • establish Chengdu as a new capital of classical art and music in the long-term
  • provide advanced students with opportunities to perform in the country's numerous concert halls and performing arts centers
Campus Environment of Chengdu University
  • 18 colleges with over 30.000 students
  • serious student attitudes
  • warm and welcoming ambiance towards Western music students
  • immerse yourself in most novel and sophisticated atmosphere on-campus and make life-long friendships
  • connect with other students on campus and create global cultural ventures of the future
  • ideal setting to learn Mandarin Chinese, a language of increasing importance, spoken by more than 1.1 billion people
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