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Information about late auditions coming soon!

Audition Application will open April 15, 2023
Audition materials are available on the CYS website
Audition Application closes June 1, 2023
If you are interesting in seeing our schedule for the upcoming year, please click the "Resources" tab above.

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the Chattanooga Youth Symphony! We are a unique community of passionate young musicians who want to better themselves as artists while building strong relationships within our CYS family. If any of that resonates with you, we'd love to have you audition for us! We hope that next year we can continue to grow our CYS family with engaging repertoire, access to many incredible resources including the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera, and through fun and meaningful community building with students from all around the greater Chattanooga area. - Ismael Sandoval, Music Director of the CYS


New applicants as well as all current or past CYS members must audition every year.

CYS has four orchestras. Students must audition for a specific orchestra based on their level of skill and experience (please consult with your teacher or director for assistance in selecting the correct orchestra for your current skill level).

  • Prelude (strings only): 1-2 years of experience. (Suzuki book or equivalent: end of book 1)  
  • Etude (strings only): 2-3 years of experience.  (Suzuki book or equivalent : middle of book 2 to book 3) 
  • Philharmonic (strings only): intermediate level (Suzuki book or equivalent: end of book 3 to book 4)
  • Symphony (all instruments):  advanced level
Students younger than 12 who wish to audition for either Symphony or Philharmonic will be required to submit a recommendation letter via the application process. Applicants who are not chosen for their selected orchestra may be considered for membership in a lower orchestra

Tuition for each orchestra is as follows:
Application Fee: $38

Once you are accepted you will move to the deposit stage. Depositing confirms your spot in CYS for the year.
Deposit: $100

Scholarship opportunities will open July 15-July 29 on the CYS website.

Tuition is due August 13, 2023.
Prelude: $175

Etude: $230
Philharmonic: $290
Symphony: $345
Chamber: $75 per semester


CYS Auditions will include scales, a prepared solo, and excerpts. See specific instrument materials link below.


Following auditions, accepted applicants will be placed in an orchestra or on an alternate list and will be notified by July 15, 2023.

If you are having trouble covering the application fee, Acceptd can help. Please reach out to the Acceptd Support Team following the instructions here.

For application questions, please contact
For artistic questions, please contact
For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.