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September 3 - Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Low Brass
September 5 - Violin Cello, Bass, Flute, Bassoon, Oboe
September 9 - Violin, Viola, Trumpet, Horn, Percussion

Location - Maplepark Church (17620 60th Avenue West, Lynnwood)

Preparation for the (friendly) Cascade Youth Symphony Audition
For your audition you should be prepared to play the following:
  • One major and one melodic minor scale (2-3 octaves) in any key you choose
  • A 3-5 minute solo of your choice (no accompanist)
  • Sight reading (material will be provided for you at the audition)
Acceptance letters will be sent out via email by September 11th. 

Rehearsals begin on:
September 16 - Junior and Youth Orchestras at Edmonds Woodway High School
September 17 - Sinfonette and Premiere Orchestras at College Place Middle School
Learn more about the orchestras
Learn more about the Chamber Ensemble program

Complete the registration application, submit your payment, and select your preferred audition time. 
You will immediately receive confirmation of your selected audition time.
This is a non refundable $40 audition fee.  On August 5, the nonrefundable audition fee will increase to $50. 
The online fee needs to be paid to select your audition time. 

For the younger string musician - OVERTURE STRINGS - No audition is required.
Is the Overture Strings Orchestra right for you?

CYSO is committed to our school music programs and requires all members to participate in the music program on their orchestral instrument.  If you school does not have a program OR doesn't have a program for the grade level that your students is at, this does not apply. 
Here's more about our requirement. 

REGISTER TODAY to confirm your audition appointment.  You need to pay a NONREFUNDABLE $40 audition fee.   On August 5, the fee will increase to $50.