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Due to the ongoing Russia/Ukraine war and the very real possibility that the conflict may expand to NATO member states at any time, the Embodied Conducting Institute has made the decision to postpone all programs until 2024. The Institute faculty and staff stand with the Ukriane people, and we pray for peace and the retrun to stability in Europe.
The Embodied Conducting Institute uses a single application form for all conducting programs and a separate application for all soloists. You may submit an application for more than one program and express a preference for which ones you would most like to attend. For example, in 2019 we had students attend both the Advanced Conducting Academy Mastering the Concertos. 

Mastering Concertos soloist applicants should select the "Soloist" program application.

Submit your application in 3 easy steps: 

1) Complete the online application form.

2) Provide links to two contrasting streaming video clips, or you may upload your videos directly to Accept'd. 

Your videos need not be from a performance, but they must be live (without post recording sound or video editing). Feel free to contact Institute Artistic Director Charles Gambetta using the email form on the Institute CONTACT page if you have questions about preparing your videos or choosing your music. NOTE: Video clips are optional for the Prelude Conducting Academy Novice and Music Educator Tracks.

Conductors: Your videos should be recorded from the orchestra or choir perspective. We want to see your face rather than your back. The faculty understands that gathering musicians for a video is both challenging and often expensive so your videos need not show you conducting a full symphony orchestra. We welcome videos of you conducting string quintet or quartet and piano, woodwind or brass quintet and piano, two  pianos or even piano alone (playing piano reductions of full scores).

Piano and violin soloists: We accept videos with orchestra, string quartet, piano accompaniment or solo (without the piano accompaniment part). Make sure the video camera angle allows the Institute faculty to clearly see you playing your Instrument. If you plan to study one concerto at Mastering Concertos, you may submit two contrasting movements from that concerto. Soloists planning to study two concertos should include two contrasting movements selected from the concertos that you want to study and perform at Mastering Concertos

Special instructions for minors submitting applications for Mastering Concertos:

Violin or piano soloists who will not be 18 years of age by July 1, 2022 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and the parent/guardian must provide an electronic signature on the application. Minors may only apply as soloists.

3) Pay the application fee.

The Embodied Conducting Institute employs a rolling admissions policy. This means we will continue to accept applications until the course or masterclass is full. Any openings that remain after the March 30 deadline will be filled by the first applicant(s) who meet the established standard for acceptance.