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Thank you for your interest in the Emerson College Department of Performing Arts!

At Emerson College, your education will help you develop the tools you will need as a working practitioner of your craft. Located in Boston’s theatre district, your Emerson education encompasses rigorous studio work, scholastic engagement, hands-on experience, and real-world opportunities in Boston’s thriving theatre scene. We offer seven different BFA degrees for incoming undergraduate students, each focused on a specific aspect of a career in performing arts.

All of our Performing Arts programs include a thorough grounding in the liberal arts designed to make you a stronger, more versatile artist, with a deep understanding of the role that the arts play in society – and your role as both an arts-maker and a citizen of the world.

Applicants to Performing Arts Programs

  • Are required to apply to Emerson College before completing a program-specific Artistic Application and Review on Acceptd. Within 2-3 business days after receiving your application to Emerson College, the Office of Undergraduate Admission will email you an Emerson Admission ID Number that you will submit as a part of your Artistic Application on Acceptd. You can preview all of the Artistic Review instructions here.

  • May only apply for Fall admission and may only apply to one Emerson program. The program that you select in your Artistic Application must match* the program that you select in your Emerson College Application. You can read more about our programs here.

  • Applicants to Onstage and Backstage majors are required to pay a non-refundable $27 Artistic Application fee** on Acceptd. Applicants to our Offstage majors do not have to pay an Artistic Application fee.

  • Should be advised that the scheduling of auditions and interviews is a first-come, first-served process and space is limited. If you apply to an Onstage or Backstage program at Emerson College you will be responsible for scheduling your own audition or interview using Acceptd. Understand that the Artistic Application Deadlines (below) represent the last possible opportunity to complete the required artistic part of your application and applying at the deadline will limit your options. We highly recommend that you start the Artistic Application process early.

Deadlines for Fall 2024 Admission

If you wish to be considered for Early Action or Early Decision you must schedule and complete an Early Action or Early Decision Artistic Review.

First-year Early Action/Early Decision I

Emerson College Application Deadline: Nov. 1st 
Musical Theatre Prescreen Deadline: Nov. 8th 
Artistic Application Deadline: Nov.

First-year Early Decision II

Emerson College Application Deadline: Jan. 3rd 
Musical Theatre Prescreen Deadline: Jan. 7th
Artistic Application Deadline: Jan.

First-year Regular Decision

Emerson College Application Deadline: Jan. 16th
Musical Theatre Prescreen Deadline: Jan. 23rd
Artistic Application Deadline
: Feb. 1st

Transfer Applicants

Emerson College Application Deadline: Mar. 15th - Transfer Applicants to Performing Arts must apply by the Priority Application Deadline
Musical Theatre Prescreen Deadline: Mar. 22nd
Artistic Application Deadline: Mar. 31st

*Your Acceptd application program must match the program on your Academic Application to Emerson College. If you need to change the major on your Emerson College Academic Application, please request a major change here; you will need to sign-in with your Emerson College Admission Portal credentials. 

**Fee waivers can help applicants reduce the cost of applying to college. Acceptd offers fee waivers for Artistic Applications and Emerson College offers them for both Acceptd and Emerson College Application fees. Requesting a fee waiver will not affect your application in any way so, if you are enduring financial hardship, we encourage you to request one from your Emerson College Admission Counselor. Your Admission Counselor is determined by the region they cover and they are listed on our "Meet Our Staff" page with their email; please email your Admission Counselor directly.

Undergraduate Admission for questions about applying to Emerson College
p/ 617-824-8600
e/ admission@emerson.edu

The Department of Performing Arts for questions about your Artistic Application
p/ 617.824.8780
e/ pa_artisticreview@emerson.edu

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.