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Fondren Middle School Dance Department!

The Houston ISD Fondren Middle School Dance Department's main objective is to provide versatile dance education to dancers who are interested in learning about the art of dance and possibly pursuing a dance career, whether that is continuing their dance education in high school, college, a company, cruise line, or commercial work.

The Dance program offers a comprehensive study of multiple dance techniques. Students are trained in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip hop. Along with these techniques, students learn dance theory; which includes dance history and dance terminology. Starting in the 2022-2023 school year dancers in Dance 3 will be taking dance composition, in the spring, with a chance to showcase their work in our Spring Show.

This program is running and held to the standard of a dance studio. Dance is a FINE ART.
Transcripts will read P.E. only because the class is physical.




Elite Gold is for the more serious students that represent Fondren Middle School through the art of dance. The focus of this company is all about the growth of technique and skills in dance. The dancers constantly work, at a faster pace, on improving technical skills and developing artistry. Our dancers participate in 2-3 competitions, workshops, etc. We execute the styles jazz, lyrical, contemporary and soon tap.
****The expectations and requirements of the team are similar to a studio company. 

STANGZ Dance Crew

STANGZ dance crew will be our new hip hop dance team. These dancers will constantly work hard all year round in hip hop movement, basic tricks, and B-boy basics. These dancers perform as guests at events, 1-2 basketball halftimes, and 1 dance competition. Members of the crew will work towards consistent harmony with team management, team bonding, and constant school/community support.
*This crew is open to boys & girls that are incoming 5th graders, current 6th graders, current 7th graders, and any incoming transfers.*