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A Better Music Lesson Experience

Forte is a Zoom alternative optimized for music lessons and designed to improve access to quality music education.  Forte’s platform puts teachers and their teaching style at the center of the educational experience, allowing you to do your best teaching online.  No unnecessary bells and whistles; just a smooth running platform for you to teach your lessons.

Forte is free to use forever for any of your own students that you bring to the platform. 

Start experiencing everything Forte has to offer:

  • Forte Pure Audio™ delivers industry-leading sound quality. For the first time, you and your students will be able to hear the full nuance of each other’s instruments.
  • Soon we'll have FREE billing and scheduling for all your lessons on our platform. No more chasing students and parents for payment.
  • And soon, music teachers will be able to set up a public profile to find new students on Forte. We'll even help match you with students.

We envision a future where any student – anywhere in the world – can access the best teachers to nurture their creative talent. Our mission starts with building a community of amazing music teachers like you. Sign up today or submit an Interest Form and we'll reach out to you.