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Dear UARTS Community,

“Going through things you never thought you’d go through will only take you places you never thought you’d get to.” ~ Morgan Harper Nichols

Our hearts are with you as you maneuver these difficult times. We hope that you feel the love and support from the Arts Community. With the collaboration of many resources, a UARTS Student Portal is now open for you to UPLOAD Contact Information and Media for consideration from Programs and Universities all over the country that have committed to help! Headshot (or identifying photo), Resumes, Portfolios, Reels…whatever YOU feel best represents you and your body of work.

This platform serves every major at UARTS from the UARTS website.  Please note we are also inviting FACULTY and STAFF to upload their resumes and information to this portal as there are alot of Universities/Programs looking for qualified candidates and would like to help where they can as well!    The process is the same and media can be uploaded to the portal that best shows the candidates qualifications!


Next Steps:
  • Choose your selection from the menu on the left and click "Start Application"
  • You may include whatever media you feel best represents you. It could be your original audition materials/portfolio, a wild card, extra dance, concert or performance footage, awards, multiple art pieces, photos, video, etc. At least one upload is required but you are welcome to submit up to ten files.

We have over 90+ programs signed up to review your materials and more are being added. A list of participating schools and their specifications can be found in this working document. We are adding them once the "next steps" and contact info is shared with us.

Acceptd's normal application fee is $35. Acceptd has agreed that there should be no cost to UARTS families. However, people have asked where they can help so we have set up a GoFundMe. We will use any donations to pay for the actual COST of Acceptd and any surplus money will be given back to the UARTS community (Parents page) to help students in need to bridge that gap of transfer, getting out of leases, and application fees. The GoFundMe link is

If you have any questions about the application process or are a school that wants to see how you can help, please email

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.


Remember, these schools would be LUCKY to have YOU!  This is more than schools wanting to help out…these schools are also looking to round out their cohorts for ALL years, because they know you are a talented bunch!  You have had great training and you bring your unique Unicorn selves to the table.   We absolutely understand that you have made life long friends that you may not get to graduate with…but what UARTS actions can not take from you, are those relationships that have already grown stronger.   We hope that you land in a place where you meet new friends that can be brought into your UARTS circle, and your networks grow as you enter a career in the Arts.  We stand with you and will provide whatever help we can to bridge this gap for you.