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As we emerge from the pandemic era, the Illinois Theatre Association Professional Division is rebranding the Statewide Professional Auditions into a unique experience that will combine auditions for actors, dancers, and musicians with interviews for designers, technicians, and stage managers into an opportunity to interview and network with hiring professional companies and theatrical agencies. The new event is called the Professional Interview, Audition, Networking, and Opportunity Conference, or PIANO Conference.

Our Mission:
  • To provide a platform that elevates members of underrepresented communities, such as BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, Individuals with Disabilities, and Individuals with Disadvantaged Backgrounds.
  • To provide an easy and convenient virtual meeting place for networking and opportunities.
  • To unite artists seeking employment opportunities (actors, designers, dancers, technicians, musicians, singers, stage managers, etc.) with companies and agencies (producers, agents, theatres, etc.) looking to hire the next generation of talent

Our goal is to provide you with access to casting directors, agencies, and producing theatres from a wide array of backgrounds. We realize that accessing companies who are looking to hire can be quite a challenge, so we do the leg-work for you! We have cast a wide net to attract companies, both large and small, who are looking for the latest talent, and connect them with YOU, a diverse range of talented people who are seeking good artistic relationships.

We are providing this interface so that you can upload your information to one location where the companies can search for people with the skills they need at their own pace on their own terms.  Employers can review auditions, portfolios, head shots, and resumes at their convenience using a thorough and intuitive online database.  They will be able to explore your materials and decide what the next step will be - individual meetings, group chats, scene readings, etc.  You and the company may interview and audition for as long as you wish, at any date, and in any format that work well for the interaction. In addition, the ITA has crafted this event to be an all-inclusive celebration of talent that will embrace everyone, regardless of their lifestyle, background, location, or means. 

In closing, it is our goal to reach underrepresented communities.  If you have any contacts or suggestions that we can use to further this goal, please help us out by emailing them to me at

Thank you so much for your participation in this important event!

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.