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InterHarmony International Music Festival combines multiple concerts of world-renowned soloists and chamber musicians, at the same time providing intensive study programs for young musicians, helping them to climb the steps to world stages of classical music.

Application instructions for Session I Online can be found here:
How to Apply to InterHarmony Session I Online
The application form for Session I can be found here: 
Session I Online Application (
More about InterHarmony Online: InterHarmony International Music Festival Online

Application instructions for Session II In-Person Italy can be found here: 
How to Apply to InterHarmony - Italy
The application form for Session II can be found here: 
Online Application ⎢ Italy ⎢ Session 2 (

Please see the FAQ here: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Italy (
More about InterHarmony In Italy: InterHarmony International Music Festival - Italy

Ages: All ages welcome

Instruments: Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Piano, Percussion, Voice