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Designed by the organizers of InterHarmony International Music Festival, InterHarmony International School of Music offers intensive classical music instruction on all instruments in a year-round program, creating the possibility for students to study with the most renowned performers and scholars from around the globe without the trouble of travel.

IISM’s professors teach at prestigious universities around the world, are members of acclaimed orchestras, soloists, and chamber musicians. They offer students global exposure to instruction not always available in their local area.

Participants of the InterHarmony International School of Music will be automatically accepted to the InterHarmony International Music Festivals in Italy and Germany if they wish to apply. Virtual students will have the opportunity to meet professors in person at the InterHarmony International Music Festival, where those who studied virtually will study actually. Students of IISM can gain access to masterclasses and workshops provided by the IISM faculty and may submit applications for the Carnegie Hall InterHarmony Competition at a discounted rate.IISM provides an intensive musical experience each week without students or parents needing to leave the comfort and safety of their home. With many physical precollege and continuing education programs in an active society, students and parents take hours out of their week commuting to extracurricular activities, need to stay on location for several hours, before commuting back home again. InterHarmony International School of Music allows parents and participants a break from getting in the car or on a train one more time, and provides comparable if not better musical instruction for students.

The study of music is a high artistic pursuit, whether participants envision their studies leading to a future musical career, a hobby, or to become a future audience member. Even if they do not want to become a seasoned professional performer, everyone deserves the experience of studying music seriously and intensively.

“If you’re young, it doesn’t mean you’re not advanced. If you’ve never played, it doesn’t mean you cannot play. If you’re a beginner, it doesn’t mean you cannot become a star.” ~ Misha Quint, Cellist and Music Director of InterHarmony International School of Music


Precollege Program (grades 2 - 8, around age 8 - 13)
Young Artist Program (grades 9 - 12, around age 14 - 17)
Music Dilettante Program (age 18+)

Students entering Grades 2 – 8 in the USA (or around age 8 – 13 internationally) can audition for InterHarmony International School of Music’s Precollege Program. The IISM Precollege Program will direct young students onto the right path of becoming a true performer, offering opportunities to prepare for a career in music or just to have a very balanced, focused musical education during their formidable years. Students study privately with world-renowned faculty, at the same time pursuing a catered program of theory/solfège, masterclasses, and concerts.

Students entering grades 9 – 12 in the USA (or around age 14 – 17 internationally) or IISM’s graduating Precollege Program students can audition for the Young Artist Program*. The Young Artist Program prepares promising students for a musical career in their continuing journey to become a true performer, the ones who possess a formidable technique, developed and musically ready for an effective appearance on the stage. IISM’s Young Artists study privately with world-renowned professors, and at the same time pursue a program of theory/solfège, music history, masterclasses, and concerts.

Offering music study on all instruments, the Music Dilettante Program (age 18+), amateurs, students wanting to keep up their skills or become better performers, and music-lover's alike, where expectations of participants will be the same as the Young or Independent Artist Programs yet geared towards individual levels. It is not an amateur program where participants are often disdained without the expectation of serious study. The Music Dilettante Program will focus on improvement over time, while concurrently considering student’s diverse reasons for study: as a life-long pursuit, a hobby, an academic interest, as well as individual schedules. Participants of the Music Dilletante program pursue their music practice in lessons, masterclasses, and concerts, just like the other programs at IISM, while participating in the InterHarmony Music Lab round-table discussion class focusing on music philosophy and music history. IISM believes everyone deserves to pursue the music in depth, gaining solid technical skills and musicianship that make them real performers, giving them something that they could carry throughout their lives.

All applicants are required to either submit an audition video or participate in Live Virtual Auditions.

Application Deadline: July 15, 2020

Live Virtual Auditions:
July 17, 2020
Woodwinds and Brass
from 3:00pm EST – 5:00pm EST

July 18, 2020
String, Guitar, and Voice
10:00am EST – 1:00pm EST,
from 3:00pm EST – 6pm EST

July 19, 2020
from 10:00am EST – 1:00pm EST,
from 3:00pm EST – 6pm EST

Decision Date: July 22, 2020

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