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Welcome to the Kansas Thespians webpage on Acceptd! 

General Requirements & Information

  • Thespian membership must be attained and on record in the International Thespian office in Cincinnati by the application deadline. Proof of Thespian membership will be checked for all applicants. 
  • Students must be a senior in Kansas.
  • Students must be a registrant of the Kansas Thespian Festival.
  • Students must have at least one registered sponsor or chaperone at the Kansas Thespian Conference.
  • Student must complete the audition application in Acceptd. The registration fee is paid when registering on Acceptd.
  • The application must be completed by November 1st. (Students should plan ahead as part of the application process involves information from school counselors as well.)  There are no exceptions to this deadline; i.e. illness, sponsor, counselor, technical difficulties, etc. Students, Parents, Sponsors, or Administrators should not call or email asking for exceptions.  
  • Audition times will be listed in the Kansas Thespian Festival program and in Guidebook.
  • It is highly recommended that students participating in the auditions attend the Audition Orientation Workshop at the festival.
  • Students should arrive 10 minutes before their audition session. Audition sessions are closed. No one else is allowed to watch the auditions; this includes Thespian sponsors, chaperones, and students who are not auditioning.
  • College and university representatives are not permitted to make specific scholarship offers during the festival. 
  • Some universities & colleges use this forum as a screening process. They may require a second audition. 
  • Students whose names are posted at callbacks by colleges/universities are responsible for making contact with the representatives. Usually, discussions focus on campus visitations and what the college has to offer.
  • College/university representatives recommend taking the SAT and ACT tests early enough to have those scores listed in Acceptd.
  • Helpful tip – If your high school has student email accounts, we recommend that students use their personal email address instead of their high school email. (School districts often delete student accounts shortly after graduation.)
  • Contact or, if you have any questions.
Performance Audition Guidelines
  • Performance auditions are limited to 90 seconds. This time limit does not include a brief introduction (name and selections). 
  • Time will be called if students exceed the 90-second maximum.
  • The emphasis during the auditions must be on presentation and performance. 
  • A table and chair will be provided for use during auditions if needed. 
  • Props and costumes are not permitted. 
  • Musical auditions must be accompanied by the piano.  No prerecorded music or a cappella singing will be accepted. An accompanist will be provided, but students will need to bring their own sheet music.  
  • Auditions must be individual presentations. Other students may not perform with auditionee. 
  • In the performance category, students may perform two contrasting selections (two monologues or one monologue/one song) or one selection (monologue or song).   
  • There will be 20-40 students auditioning in each session. Auditionees will watch everyone audition in their session. They cannot be late or leave early from their session without permission from the audition coordinators.  
Technical Theatre Portfolio Interview Guidelines
  • A special session will be held for students who wish to audition in technical theatre. This session is usually held on Friday during the supper break. (Supper is provided for the students and college reps during this audition time.)
  • Tech entrants must have a display or portfolio of theatrical work. The display should include examples of the student's own work. The student needs to show what they have created, and not just what their school has done. Student portfolios should include at least one of the following: set designs, models, costumes, costume renderings, lighting plots, sound cues or created audio, promptbooks, CAD designs, PowerPoint or short videos of your work, pictures of design work, renderings, posters, programs, etc. 
  • Each student auditioning in the area of technical theatre will be assigned table space to present his or her portfolio.
  • Technical theatre auditionees will make their presentations several times to teams of college/university representatives. The representatives will visit each table for the presentations.
  • The presentation to the representatives must include an introduction (name, school, and Thespian troupe number) and should be a concise explanation of the portfolio, not to exceed 5 minutes.  (In the event of a large number of applicants, the time limit could be reduced to 3 minutes.)
  • Safeguarding the portfolio or display is the responsibility of the student and his/her sponsor.
(Performance, Technical Theatre, & Theatre Education)
  • No more than TWO Thespians per troupe may apply for the Thespian Scholarships. This includes applicants for the Theatre Education Scholarships.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.75.
  • Be an official member of the International Thespian Society by the application deadline.    
  • Plan to enroll in a theatre or the communicative arts program at an accredited college or university.
  • Complete a performance audition and/or technical theatre portfolio interview with the colleges in attendance.
  • Theatre Education Applicants must write a 1-2 page essay addressing two of the three following topics: 
    Describe your most inspirational teacher.      
         2) Describe why you want to be a theatre teacher.
         3) Describe what you feel is the most important issue facing high school theatre today.
    The essay should have the applicants name on it, be double-spaced, and only 1-2 pages in length.
  • Theatre educator applicants also will participate in the performance and/or technical auditions.
  • Theatre educator applicants will participate in an interview process with the scholarship panel. (This interview might take place during late night activities or during a workshop session depending on the festival schedule.)  In the event of a large number of Theatre Educator applicants, the essays may be used to pre-screen and narrow the number for the interview process.
  • Thespian involvement. The application will ask for the student’s involvement in their thespian troupe activities. Students should state the work they have contributed, not just what their troupe does.  
  • Helpful tip – If your high school has student email accounts, we recommend that students use their personal email address instead of their high school email so that colleges/universities can more easily contact the students after the school year. (Shortly after graduation, school districts often delete the graduating student email accounts.)

For guideline and requirement questions please contact: or 

For technical questions please contact the Acceptd Support Team at or by calling 1-888-725-2122. Check out our Help Desk for frequently asked questions.