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LMDC Records offers a real opportunity for classical music talents. For this first edition, the recording of a CD with the Blois Symphony Orchestra is offered to 23 laureates:

  • 8 conductors
  • 8 composers
  • 2 violinists
  • 2 violists
  • 2 cellists
  • 1 double bassist

The CDs will be produced by the LMDC Records label and distributed digitally on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, etc. Physical copies will be distributed to the winners. This collaborative project will run for one month, from July 29 to August 31, 2021. The location of the residency will be announced shortly. 

Eight CDs will be recorded and each one will feature 3 laureates distributed as follows:

  • 1st part: Soloist and orchestra (featuring a violinist, violist, cellist or double bassist laureate)
  • 2nd part: Creation (featuring one of the 8 composers)
  • 3rd part: Orchestral work (featuring one of the 8 conductors)