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Welcome to MainStreet CALLBACKS - The National Audition Competition.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: MainStreet's CALLBACKS Competition has been completely revised. The new competition will be OPEN-ENDED and will operate as follows:

Contestants, individuals or in groups of any size, will

  1. Select ANY song from ANY show in MainStreet’s Library of Recommended Works:
  2. Request the piano/vocal score from the CALLBACKS administrator:
  3. Learn it and produce a Performance Video of it - in solo or in “zoom” format.
  4. Submit the Video on the Acceptd CALLBACKS website.
  5. Pay the nominal “entry fee” of $30.

Each Submission:

  1. It will be delivered to the Creative Team who wrote the song.
  2. The Creative Team will acknowledge receipt and - within two weeks of acknowledgment - will indicate to the CALLBACKS administrator whether that Submission has been ‘CAST’.
  3. All CAST Submissions will be posted on MainStreet's Social Media outlets for one month.
  4. AND will be posted in a special highlighted section of MainStreet’s Library.
  5. AND on the Show page of the musical from which the song was selected - for a period of ONE YEAR.