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** Preliminary round applications are currently being reviewed. We will notify all applicants of their results as soon as our panel has finished it's blind review process. We will try to finish the review process as efficiently as possible so finalists will have ample time to prepare over the next month for their final round performances. Finalists will be expected to secure a location for their performance with a reliable internet connection as well as a live accompanist. MASO will work with all finalists in advance of the competition day to make sure any technical issues are resolved. Finally, we will be accepting one alternate in each division in case of cancellation by one of our finalists prior to the competition. Alternates will be expected to prepare and secure an accompanist and be ready to participate if given notice at any point up until January 9th, the day of the competition.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence. I wish you all the best of luck!
Dylan Dwyer
Exec. Director MASO


Each year that MASO holds this competition, up-and-coming young musicians from across the state compete for the unique opportunity to perform as soloists in concert with one or more Montana orchestras. This is a valuable chance for young musicians to make a professional debut—something many accomplished artists wait years for. Finalists are invited to the live competition to perform before three out-of-state judges in the junior, senior, and college divisions.

Any musician between the ages of 13 and 22 who plays an orchestral instrument is invited to enter and compete. Participants must be Montana residents, and past winners of this competition are ineligible to compete again in the same division. Musicians apply by submitting an application describing their musical experience along with an audio file of the selection they intend to perform at the competition. These applications are divided into the three divisions and then sent out to MASO screening judges for evaluation. Recommendations from the screening judges of which musicians will be invited to perform in a live audition are then forwarded on. Three nationally recognized judges adjudicate the live performances and award prizes.

Regardless of whether a student wins or not, the experience of the competition builds stronger musicians, encourages them to always strive for excellence, and fosters leadership qualities and confidence in their performance skills. Those present for the competition, not only have the privilege of hearing some of Montana’s finest musical talent, but are left inspired by the amazing accomplishment of these young musicians.