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The audition deadline is now December 13, 2019 due to the snowdays.

Welcome to the audition webpage for the Massachusetts All-State Treble Chorus. We are thrilled to extend this opportunity to our youngest community of singers. Please review the following details thoroughly before submitting your online audition. 

Please note that full information is available at the Treble Chorus website. Please carefully review the Handbook in its entirety before beginning the application process.  

Student Eligibility: Participation is extended to students of public and private school MMEA member teachers in grades four, five, and six. A maximum of ten students are allowed to audition from each school. If a teacher teaches in more than one school, s/he can submit up to 10 applicants per school.   

Audition Process: All applications must be submitted by teachers online via Acceptd, Inc., and will include one audio recording and a brief recommendation for each applicant.

Teachers should register for only one account per school in ACCEPTD. However, the teacher should complete a separate form for each individual student. Repeat that process, starting on this page, for all auditioning students.

Students can be disqualified for the following:

  • Sound enhancement, e.g. autotune or filters
  • Audible teacher voices, including counting in, speaking and/or singing
  • An introduction on the recording other than the one provided
  • Pausing the recording between the vocalise and the song and/or tampering with the recorded accompaniment track

Audition Materials:
The audition will consist of two parts: a vocal exercise and My Country ‘Tis of Thee. Teachers will record both, in that order, on one audio file using the mp3 accompaniment track provided on the website.

Students will sing the vocalise notated below using an “oo” vowel. Please begin as written and modulate up by half steps to the key of A (highest note will be an A). Students are permitted to modify the vowel of the highest note to “ah” between the keys of F and A major. 

Students are expected to perform “America” as written below, in the key of G. The audition song must be performed a cappella. Please use the mp3 accompaniment track provided on the website.

Parental Permission: For auditions, all students must print and return a signed permission slip to their teacher. Teachers will be required to verify receipt of the permission slip within the ACCEPTD application. Teachers are also expected to regularly communicate with parents/guardians. Please distribute the parent/guardian information letter to all students auditioning. This letter (3 pages) is available in the MMEA Handbook found on the website.

Photo Release: MMEA reserves the right to take pictures for official publicity and archival purposes. If this is an issue for any of your students, please contact the manager and assistant manager: 

Payment: The audition fee for each candidate is $25.00. MMEA does not offer scholarships or waivers. There are three methods of payment:

  1. Teachers pay for their student(s) via credit card: In this case, parents/guardians will first pay the teacher for their child. Teachers will use their personal or school credit card to pay for their students by entering their information in the last section of each student form in ACCEPTD.
  2. Boosters Organization, School or PTO pays for student(s) via bulk check: In this case, the teacher will use a school/parent organization to pay for all students who audition through ACCEPTD. Instead of credit card information, teachers who choose this option will receive a coupon code to enter on the ACCEPTD payment screen. To receive your coupon code(s), please contact with the names of your students, your school name, and the total number of codes required. Teachers must fill out a Check form (available on the website) and mail in a check and form by December 13, 2019. *    * This has been changed due to snowdays
  3. School district issues a P.O.: In this case, the teacher will have their school district generate a P.O. for all of the students auditioning. Instead of credit card information, teachers who choose this option will receive a coupon code to enter on the ACCEPTD payment screen. To receive your coupon code(s), please contact with the names of your students, your school name, and the total number of codes required. Please mail in the P.O. by December 13*, 2019.   * This has been changed due to snowdays
                    MMEA - Massachusetts Music Educators Association

                    Attn: All-State Treble Chorus Auditions
                    P.O. Box 3886
                    South Attleboro, MA 02703-3886

Judging Process: All applications will be scored with complete anonymity. Therefore, please do NOT include any personal information (student name, school, age, etc.) within the audio recording or when naming the audio file. Recordings with audible teacher voices will be disqualified. Auditions will be scored based on the following criteria.

  • Note Accuracy
  • Rhythmic Accuracy
  • Consonants
  • Vowels
  • Tone Quality
  • Tonality and Intonation
  • Phrasing and Style
  • Musicality 

Steps for Applying via ACCEPTD

To get started, choose the program from the dropdown on the left of this page. Complete the form and submit payment for your first student. If you have more than one student auditioning, please return to this page and repeat this process for all students. 

Tip: It is recommended that teachers use Google Chrome as their web browser for the Acceptd application site. 

Please note that you will need to type in personal information for your students including: parent name, emergency contact number, accurate student t-shirt size, and accurate student height in inches. 

When filling out the address field, teachers are required to use their SCHOOL ADDRESS

When uploading files, please do NOT include the name of the student or school in the recording or in the name of the audio file. Teachers should NOT talk or count students off at the beginning of the recording. 

Contact Information: If you have questions regarding the overall application process, please contact Rachel Carroll, manager or Joanna Compitiello, asst. manager, by email at

For technical questions, please contact ACCEPTD Support by email at or by phone at 1-888-725-2122, ext. 2.

Results will be published before the winter break in December 2019. Please refer to the All-State Treble Handbook for instructions related to accepted students.