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Welcome to the Department of Theatre Arts at Marymount Manhattan College!

Our March 4th Musical Theatre Arts Virtual audition is now closed due to capacity. There are still available spots for Acting and Directing.

Theatre Arts will be hosting a LIVE-Virtual Audition on February 12th & March 4th: Acting, Musical Theatre and Directing 

The Department of Theatre Arts offers two degree programs (BA/BFA) to set you on your path to success. At MMC, we combine a professional theatre arts education and rigorous training with a comprehensive program in the liberal arts. It is our philosophy that the more well-rounded the education of our theatre students, the better prepared they are to create and produce compelling, informed, imaginative, and innovative theatre. Dedicated to providing our students with an unparalleled training, we offer the following majors: 

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and from across the country and around the world, to engage in classes that will challenge, excite, and nurture them. 

Our faculty are committed to the teaching and mentoring of students and alumni while continually engaging in their own professional and creative work. This provides our students with an unparalleled experience in their development as educated and creative individuals. At MMC, New York City is your campus. Alongside our innovative curriculum, our classrooms extend beyond our main campus and include prestigious art galleries, world-class museums, award-winning theatres, professional studios, and the best cultural institutions NYC has to offer.

2023 Audition Information
The Department of Theatre Arts has set aside the below dates for our in person, on-campus audition experiences with only ONE virtual audition available. Our virtual Audition for this year will be conducted in a Live Virtual on March 4th. This auditions will be conducted via Acceptd’s interactive online platform - AuditionRoom.

If you are interested in our In-Person audition on campus, you MUST register through our MMC Portal
(not Accepted). For on-campus auditions and registration please click

No Pre-screens Required.

On Campus, In-Person Audition January 4th: Acting, Directing and Musical Theatre
On Campus, In-Person Audition January 28th: Acting, Directing and Musical Theatre
On Campus, In-Person Audition February 4th: Musical Theatre
On Campus, In-Person Audition February 11th: Acting, Directing and Musical Theatre

Feb 12: Acting, Directing and Musical Theatre (LIVE Virtual on Accepted) 

March 4th: Acting, Directing and Musical Theatre (LIVE Virtual on Accepted) 

Application & Audition Instructions

To begin the audition scheduling process, all prospective students must first submit an Application for Admission to Marymount Manhattan College. However, your application does not need to be complete with transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc., before scheduling your audition opportunity with us. At MMC, We do not require a prescreen audition.

Once we are in receipt of your application, you will receive an individualized Application ID via email. This ID will be required when scheduling your virtual audition through Acceptd. 

We will only be utilizing Acceptd for VIRTUAL auditions for the following programs:

  • Acting (B.F.A)
  • Musical Theatre (B.F.A)   
  • Directing (B.A.)

Applicants to these programs will select their audition date preferences within their MMC Acceptd Application. Please note that there will be a one-time non-refundable audition fee of $30.00 for these programs, which Acceptd will collect at the time of your audition registration. 

If you are applying to any of our other programs in Theatre, please refer to your Admissions Portal for further instructions on the audition/interview/application process.

For more details about the Department of Theatre Arts, the application process, or our audition and interview procedures, please visit our website or email us at

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.

Thank you for your interest in Theatre Arts at MMC!