Missouri State University

Missouri State University


Welcome to the Department of Theatre and Dance at Missouri State University. Our Dance program is dedicated to providing students with excellence, experience, and innovation.

The Missouri State University Dance program prepares young artists by providing a comprehensive preparation to meet the needs and challenges of today’s world. Our faculty and staff are working professionals who bring their talent, skills and experience into the studio and the classroom. Our Dance program reflects the realities of a professional arena that often contradict the assumed limits of a career in dance. We encourage students to investigate the multifaceted and ever-changing world of dance through technical training, creative activities and scholarly research. Above all, we want you to bring your spirit, your sense of play, and your love of dance.

The Dance program trains students for advanced study or professional work through its Bachelor of Fine Arts program. We provide students with practical tools as well as research, writing, and problem solving skills that will be needed whether they choose to become scholars, teachers, or artists. In addition, the Missouri State University Department of Theatre and Dance recognizes and supports the interrelationship between classroom activities and laboratory productions. To this end, we integrate intellectual and academic study with active participation in a variety of production experiences.

We look forward to working and creating with you as you pursue you studies in Dance!