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No matter your focus —film/TV production, screenwriting, journalism or media studies — you will be among storytellers. Earn your degree from a place where you can make award-winning content. Grow with help from expert teachers. Graduate ready to succeed in your field. Your story starts here.

Produce, film and tell visual stories. Have insight into how films get made from pre-production through distribution.

The Media, Journalism & Film department at Missouri State University is a hands on department with over 300 majors.  We're big enough to give you a great team of faculty and crew to create your vision. And small enough to offer individualized attention to help you learn your craft and hone your skills. We are located in a medium size city that is easy to get around in and feels like home. It's also a medium sized media market so there are plenty of internship opportunities in the area for film, television and journalism majors. 

We have a comprehensive majors in Digital Film & Television Production, https://mjf.missouristate.edu/DigitalFilmTvProduction/default.htm
and Electronic Arts https://ea.missouristate.edu/default.htm Check out MJF at Missouri State University. https://mjf.missouristate.edu/

Check out the new MO ACCESS scholarship for anyone who is Pell Grant eligible.  It's a game changer to making access affordable for everyone, even out of state! https://www.missouristate.edu/FinancialAid/Scholarships/mostate-access-award.htm

Apply to Missouri State University:  https://mjf.missouristate.edu/DigitalFilmTvProduction/AdmissionReq.htm