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Congratulations on your final callback!

We look forward to spending more time with you during our 2021 Final Callback Weekend.

The Final Callback Weekend is designed to give you and our faculty members a chance to get to know each other better. In addition to performing your monologues and presenting your callback assignment, you will take classes with some of our faculty, meet alumni, current students, faculty, and staff.

This year, our Final Callback weekend will be virtual, which brings us an exciting opportunity to spend more time with you. Over fifty years, Grad Acting has consistently defined and refined a unique training program, one which the industry has recognized as being on the highest level.

As we hope you’ll discover during the Final Callback Weekend, here at NYU, you will belong to a cohort of your peers—all MFA students—in classes and in numerous productions every year, chosen precisely to accommodate and feature the talents of each one of you, directed by respected professionals in the field. And we offer an exclusive hand’s-on collaboration with NYU’s world-class Grad Film program film school. Your career begins here, in the heart of this vibrant city, and at the center of the respected Tisch School of the Arts, where the lifeblood of the theater, film, and television industries flows through on a daily basis; it’s our privilege—and our mission—to provide these opportunities for you. We won’t teach you how to act. But we will help you to develop, to expand what you know you already have and, crucially, what you don’t know you already have.