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Looking to work with Broadway professionals?
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Want to train to be the artist that only you can be?

Train to be the Artist that only you can be
with The Performing Arts Project this summer!


BLUEPRINT: July 8th - July 21st, 2023 - Performance Technique & College Audition Prep (including College Rep visits from many of the top programs), training students in high school and gap year.

PANORAMA: July 8th - July 28th, 2023 - An atmosphere of creative risk-taking for performers, songwriters, choreographers, playwrights, and more, a training-ground for students in high school (16 & up), gap year, college, and beyond.

COMPASS: ACTING FOR CAMERA: July 21st - July 28th, 2023 - How to be more effective between Action and Cut, training students in high school (15 & up), gap year, college, and beyond.

COMPASS: DANCE FOR MOVERS: July 21st - July 28th, 2023 - Dance instruction for those with limited to moderate experience, training students in high school and gap year.



Our TPAP mission is to guide a new generation of performing artists as they learn from — and collaborate with — our world-class faculty of working professionals. We use and discover innovative teaching techniques that ignite curiosity, inspire confidence, and promote risk-taking because we believe the world needs art made by bold, compassionate people who are a credit to the community they serve.



The Performing Arts Project’s Blueprint program is an audition-based summer intensive that provides exceptional performing arts training and college audition prep to high school and gap year students in order to help you become the artist that only you can be.

At Blueprint, you’ll receive technique training from dedicated professionals in the three major performance disciplines: acting, dancing, and singing — plus the art of the college audition — all approached from within a framework of artistic rigor.

Our core group of faculty for all programming is made up of educators and professionals in the Broadway, television, and film industry. Working hard in this environment of unconditional support enables you to create the blueprint to become the artist that only you can be.



The Performing Arts Project’s Panorama program is an audition-based summer intensive that provides a rigorous and vibrant approach to training in the disciplines of acting, dancing, singing, plus many other connected fields, in order to prepare students for a lifetime of working in the arts.

Panorama has two profound goals in mind:

First – to study the disciplines of acting, dancing, and singing (plus other connected fields), in order to help you become the artist that only you can be.

Second – to create art fearlessly, knowing that it’s nearly impossible to be original if you’re not prepared to be wrong. It’s uncomfortable to be wrong, but it’s important and necessary.

Panorama is designed to cultivate bravery, and collaboration, and finding out what you have to say, and doing things you’ve never done, and falling on your face, and getting up. At Panorama, you’ll experience a 360º panoramic approach to each art form (coming at it from all sides), a perspective that helps reveal your true reach as an artist.



Compass: Acting for Camera, like all Performing Arts Project programs, is ultimately concerned with the art of authentic storytelling. During this week, we’ll focus on telling the truth as an actor while working on camera. Students with no on-set experience or lots of on-set experience are welcome. A good portion of our work will be on self-tape auditions (because you have to get the job first). Plus, you’ll gain the confidence to arrive on a set and know what the heck is going on. (What’s a gaffer? What’s a key grip? What oh what is a cowboy shot?)

Most importantly, though, our work will be to forget everything in favor of living in the shoes of your character for the important moments between action and cut.


The Performing Arts Project’s Compass: Dance for Movers summer program is designed to provide beginner to beginner/intermediate-level dance technique training for students ages 14 to 18. Focusing on ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance technique in this safe and supportive environment guides students on their journey to becoming a more skilled and confident dancer.

Compass: Dance for Movers is a unique program in that it’s a dance intensive for those without many years of dance training. We have found that often, students simply do not have time to train in all disciplines, attend school, and perform. Many reach a time in their pursuits where they realize that they have college or professional auditions coming up and they do not feel prepared to face the dance portion of these auditions. They may also simply be at a place in their training where they decide that they would like to focus on dance. Compass: Dance for Movers is the program for all of these students.


Auditions for all of our summer programs may be submitted here. Students may audition for all programs with one audition as the same audition process is used. Specific requirements are laid out on the program pages. If a student wants to be considered for only Blueprint they do not need to submit an Original Piece.  If a student wants to be considered for only Compass, they only need to submit a movement piece and personal statement.

We are now offering rolling admission AND early bird tuition discounts for our summer programming! When you audition, you will find out within two weeks if you are accepted into our summer programming. AND If you pay your deposit by December 31st, you will receive $300 off of your tuition. If you pay your deposit by January 31st, you will receive $200 off of your tuition.

We look forward to meeting you!

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“To say that being a part of The Performing Arts Project was life-changing would be a legitimate understatement. Going into this summer intensive, I was expecting for it to be your typical musical theater boot camp: voice, dance, and acting classes all day, everyday. It was so much more than that. As an artist, I felt safe from day one.”
– Gino Chaviano, Student, Texas State University

“I wish The Performing Arts Project had existed when I was growing up because I think a great summer arts program can change your life as a young artist. The group of teaching artists The Performing Arts Project has assembled is an extraordinary bunch: talented, caring, smart, funny and dedicated. I feel so lucky to be counted among them and I can’t wait to be there this summer.”
- Celia Keenan-Bolger, Tony Nominee and Faculty Member

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