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What is the best advice for a successful college audition process? Start early!

We are excited to invite you to the Pittsburgh Unifieds Auditions, LLC, the Re-Imagined Audition of 2024!   We are pleased to announce that PUA will be held at the amazing facilities of the Pittsburgh CLO this year IN PERSON OCT 4-7th, 2024, VIRTUAL OCT19-20th, 2024.

Welcome to our Acceptd portal. We are a collaborative network of industry professionals with years of experience in the college audition field who come together to offer you and your family a cost-effective, efficient, and kinder way to audition for College Theater programs. We are offering auditions for Musical Theater, Acting, and portfolio review for Tech/Design. We also invite rising Juniors to attend Mock Auditions and Masterclasses!

Together with input from Program Directors, Coaches, Students, and Parents who have first-hand experience of how expensive, stressful, and strenuous auditions can be, we are offering an applicant-friendly process so you can present the most prepared and confident version of you for a successful audition experience.

We know how fast the travel, audition, and application fees add up. Part of our mission is to provide a lower-cost audition process.  We also believe being seen earlier by theater programs will yield a better overall financial package if a match is made before the scholarships from the University are dolled out to other committed applicants from other majors. We require our schools to give us Application Fee Waivers and Discounts to have access to the candidate profiles.

In order to ensure that your audition materials are ready to be seen by the Programs participating at Pittsburgh Unifieds, we have added a complimentary service that takes the form of a unique pre-screen process. We require all applicants to download their materials by Sept 1 for this service.  If you download your materials after Sept 1, your materials will not get this complimentary service but are still due by September 25th.  After your materials are seen by our panel,  we will either accept your materials through to the audition process where you will then choose and audition time, or you will receive feedback to improve your performance and rethink your audition materials for possible re-submission.  If your materials are not accepted to the next step of auditions, you will not be charged a Pittsburgh Unified Fee. The only fee you will incur is a $50 one-time accepted fee.  You may opt to submit new materials, before October 1 by emailing us with this request. We are offering this complimentary service because we believe it is important for you to present your full potential to the programs and want to help you achieve that.

Together, we have created a portal with all the information and technology that you will need to stay on track throughout your process. Students who register for the Live Pittsburgh Unified Audition Experience will audition consortium style for the attending schools and may receive callbacks/interviews on Sunday-Monday/invitations to campus/virtual callbacks or possible offers from these schools all in the same weekend.

Please find the 2024-5 Musical Theater Common Prescreen Criteria here :2024/5 Musical Theater Common Prescreen Criteria

If you are interested in more information on attending these auditions, please begin the registration process starting April 15th 2024 at https://www.pittsburghunifiedsauditions.com/

Our facilities are ADA Compliant.  Please let us know if you would like accommodations.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 


For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.