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BA Theatre: Performance Degree

MFA Musical Theatre Program
MFA in Design and Technology

San Diego State University has thriving MFA degree programs in Musical Theatre
and Design and Technology, as well as an energetic BA in Theatre Arts:
Performance degree.

Video auditions are required for acceptance into both the Musical Theatre
MFA and the Theatre Arts: Performance BA, and a portfolio review for the Design and
Technology MFA. However, this is ONLY ONE PART OF THE APPLICATION.  You
will also need to apply to SDSU through Cal State Apply.  Both your Acceptd
submission and your Cal State Apply application are required for admission to SDSU.

Which degree is right for you?

Are you a high school senior or a potential transfer student? Are you looking for an undergraduate degree that combines great training and maximum flexibility?

If yes, then the SDSU BA in Theatre Arts: Performance degree might be right for you.

Our BA in Theatre Arts: Performance degree prepares students for excellence in every aspect of theatre with a myriad of performance opportunities!  Our program is structured to involve students in all aspects of theatre, while giving the flexibility to students to choose their own path of discovery. Within this degree you can train in acting, musical theatre, or your own combination of both.

Theatre is an immensely rewarding major.  Through the art of theatre, we experience works of some of the greatest writers, thinkers, and artists our civilization has ever known. Employers actively seek the skills offered by theatre degree:  creative thinking and problem-solving, collaboration, a goal-oriented approach to projects, superior communication skills, an ability to handle deadline pressures, effective time-management, and independent thinking and initiative.

Do you already have a bachelors’ degree? Are you looking for a terminal degree in musical theatre so that you can improve your own skills and perhaps someday teach this amazing art form at the university level?

If yes, then the MFA Musical Theatre Program might be right for you.

The SDSU Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree in Musical Theatre has helped hundreds of students establish life-long careers as leaders in the world of musical theatre.  Many of our graduates have gone on to teach in musical theatre programs in schools and universities worldwide, while others have gone on to become professional performers, directors, choreographers, music directors, producers, casting agents, and writers. 

The SDSU MFA Musical Theatre Program only accepts students every other year, so applications for the class of 2024 will open in October 2021.

Or do you already have a bachelors' degree and are looking for a terminal degree in design and technology to achieve the artistry and skills necessary to become a practicing professional in the fields of theatre, television, and/or film?

If yes, then the MFA in Design and Technology might be right for you.

The Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology in the School of Theatre, Television, and Film at San Diego State University has emphases in scenic, costume, lighting, and projection design and technology and technical direction. 

A balance of theoretical coursework, studio work, and production enable our students to
succeed. Direct exposure to the diverse and richly active theatre life in San Diego and the surrounding Southern California area is an important element of the program. Students work with theatre professionals both inside and outside the academic environment. The MFA in Design and Technology at San Diego State University provides the essential education, technical training, and creative experience necessary for professional careers or college-level teaching.

The MFA in Design and Technology program accepts students every fall.

The School of Theatre, Television, and Film practices policies of inclusion, equity, diversity, and access in student recruitment and advising, faculty/staff hiring, and mentoring.