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Thank you for choosing to audition for the SDYS 2020-2021 season on Acceptd!

To start an application, please choose whether to audition for the next ensemble up or to reseat in your current ensemble.  All high school students will have their audition heard by the Music Director. 

 Please view ALL ensemble requirements. 

You are required to upload the following materials:

  1. Headshot (selfies are OK!)
  2. Scale video 
  3. Solo video (play entire piece or movement that best displays your abilities)
  4. Prepared excerpt video (if recording multiple excerpts, record them all in one video)

You may also refer to our Audition Handbook for helpful audition tips and other important information. 

Please review some helpful tips on creating a successful audition video

Please note that the final ensemble structure for the 2020-2021 season will be in accordance with the County health and safety guidelines.

                                                    SDYS Ensembles Progression Chart 


                                                                 Chamber Orchestra

                                                Symphony Orchestra      Wind Orchestra



                                                   Sinfonia                Wind Symphony


                                                  Concert Orchestra         Concert Winds                                                  


                                                   Symphonic Strings

                                                     Overture Strings        Overture Winds


                                                      Debut Strings             Debut Winds

                                                   Beginning Strings

Please review the age requirements for all SDYS ensembles:

Age Requirement by September 1, 2020

Level                                                      Minimum                                           Maximum

Prelude -                                      

Beginning Strings                                   7 years / 2nd grade                           12 years / 7th grade

Debut Strings & Debut Winds                8 years / 3rd grade                            15 years / 10th grade

Inspiration -

Overture Strings, Overture Winds, 

& Symphonic Strings                               8 years / 3rd grade                            17 years / 12th grade 

Showcase -

Concert Orchestra & Concert Winds       10 years / 5th grade                          19 years

Sinfonia & Wind Symphony                    12 years / 7th grade                          19 years

Ovation -                                                9th grade                                           22 years

Please call the Conservatory Team at 619.233.3232 x 4 or email with any audition related question. Thank you!