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Welcome to apply for Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition 2020!  

In light of concerns about the COVID-19 epidemic, after much deliberation, the 2020 Shanghai Isaac Stern International Violin Competition (SISIVC) has been rescheduled to 2021. The health and safety of the participants, jury members, staff, and audience are the highest priority of the SISIVC Organisation Comittee, and the difficulties connected to the epidemic do not allow us to guarantee a secure competition in the previously planned timeframe. We believe it would be best to reschedule in order to ensure the competition takes place under the best possible circumstances.

This year marks Isaac Stern’s 100th birthday, and for this reason we have decided that although the new competition dates will be in 2021, it will still be titled the 2020 SISIVC to commemorate Stern’s centenary. Isaac Stern’s belief in music obliges us to respect his commitment to excellence, and any attempt to hold the event under duress would not uphold his standards. We are all currently under attack by this world pandemic, and we must remember that while a society without culture can survive, a society with culture elevates us.

Online Application Deadline23:59 GMT+8, 20 January 2020 (Online application must be finished before video uploading by this date and time)

*Once the online application is submitted, the organization committee will not accept any modifications to the application, including but not limited to: the selected programme of each competition section and piano accompanist decisions.

Pre-selection Video Acceptance Reopening:

  1. Reopening Date and Deadline:

    Submission channel reopens: 12:00 (noon), December 15
    th, 2020 (Beijing Time)

    Video submission deadline: 12:00 (noon), January 31
    st, 2021 (Beijing Time)

  2. Pre-selection Video Submission and Replacement Qualifications
Only contestants who finished the 2020 SISIVC online application, before 23:59 GMT+8, on the 20th of January 2020, will be qualified to submit or replace their Pre-selection video.


  1. The effectiveness of all the submitted online applications remains valid.
  2. The Competition will not accept new applications.
  3. For those who have already submitted an application, the Competition is open to all nationalities, now between the ages of 16 and 33. Contestants born after 2003 must be accompanied by a guardian for the whole competition period in Shanghai.

Application fee: The application fee is US$ 100 per applicant and is non-refundable under any circumstance.

*Before you begin preparing your application, we encourage you to review the Application Regulation (.pdf), which contains detailed information regarding the Competition's application process.

General rules:

  1. Applicants must complete the online application by 23:59 GMT+8, 20 January 2020, and the pre-selection video must be uploaded by the date to be announced by August 2020.
  2. Applicants who have been awarded the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in the following three competitions are entitled the right to apply for exemption from uploading the pre-selection. A copy of the award certificate is required in the online application.
    • The International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition
    • The International Tchaikovsky Competition
    • The Queen Elisabeth Music Competition
  3. Upload Pre-selection Video
    • The place and date of recording of each pre-selection work must be mentioned in the file’s name in the format of [Piece of Pre-selection Work + Recording Place + Recording Date ]. High-resolution videos are recommended.
    • The contestant must be fully visible at all times on the screen; the camera angle must be fixed and the microphones should be positioned at a good distance from the musicians.
    • It is suggested that the recordings have taken place within one year of the submission date. Contestants could be using sheet music in the video.
  4. The competition has three public rounds. Contestants perform at these in the order established by the drawing of lots. The number of contestants who will be admitted to each round will be the following:
    • Pre-selection Round:  No limit
    • Quarter-Final Round:  Up to 36
    • Semi-Final Round:  Up to half of the contestants in the Quarter-Final Round
    • Final Round:  6
  5. The contestants should clarify if there is any immediate family (up to the fourth degree of kinship) or pupil relationship with any jury member upon arrival. "Pupil" is defined as a contestant who has had three or more lessons with the jury member in question in the 6 months prior to the on-site registration date.
  6. The Competition will provide travel reimbursement for airfare/train ticket (economy only) to each contestant admitted to the public rounds of the Competition ($1000 USD at maximum). Contestants must provide a valid invoice and tickets to apply for reimbursement. 
    • (Note: The reimbursement will be made only for round-trip ticket to Shanghai up to one week before and after the competition. For contestants who need to travel through other destinations, the ticket must be interlining. The Competition will not provide a travel allowance for guardians, escorts or contestants who live in Shanghai.)
  7. Complimentary accommodations will only be provided to those contestants admitted to the public rounds of the Competition.
  8. The Competition will provide each contestant a designated piano accompanist. Contestants are also allowed to bring a personal accompanist and must indicate it in the online application form. Complimentary accommodations will be provided to the contestants’ personal pianists.

Contact us:If you have any questions about the application, please email us at

For technical questions please contact the Acceptd Support Team at or by calling 1-888-725-2122. Check out our Help Desk for frequently asked questions.


考虑到新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情的全球形势,上海艾萨克·斯特恩国际小提琴比赛组织委员会(以下简称“比赛组委会”)为配合做好疫情防控工作,本着对参赛选手、评委、观众 以及工作人员的健康和安全高度负责的态度,经慎重讨论,现决定将原定赛事(2020 8 4 日至 8 25 日)延期至 2021 年举行。

今年恰逢艾萨克·斯特恩大师诞辰百年,为追忆大师践行音乐信仰的一生,致敬并传承 大师的音乐精神,2021 年赛事将维持原定名称——2020 上海艾萨克·斯特恩国际小提琴比赛。




视频上传通道开放: 2020 12 15 12:00(北京时间)
2021 1 31 12:00(北京时间)

20201 20 23:59)前完成报名提交的选手。


  1. 已于截止时间内成功提交的所有线上报名仍视为有效;

  2. 比赛将不再接受任何新的报名;

  3. 参赛年龄相应调整为 16 33 周岁(2021 年)。于 2003 年后出生的选手需有监护



* 在您准备申请前,我们建议您阅览一下申请细则(PDF文件),以获取详细的申请注意事项。


  1. 申请者必须在北京时间202012023:59前完成在线申请,并在预选视频上传截止前完成视频上传。
  2. 凡在以下三大赛事中获得过前三名的申请人可免去预选视频在线上传,但须在在线申请时一并上传获奖证明。
    • 柴可夫斯基国际音乐比赛
    • 亨里克·维尼亚夫斯基国际小提琴比赛
    • 伊丽莎白女王音乐比赛
  3. 上传预选视频要求:
    • 预选视频的文件名必须包含各作品的摄制地点和日期,并按照【作品名+ 摄制地+ 摄制日期】的格式命名。建议上传高分辨率视频。
    • 选手必须在任何时候都在屏幕上完全可见;摄像机角度必须固定,麦克风应当与选手保持适当距离。
    • 比赛建议选手使用1年内录制的视频。选手可在视频内读谱演奏。
  4. 正式比赛分三轮进行,每轮出场顺序由抽签决定。比赛各轮入选人数如下:
    • 预选:  不限制人数
    • 四分之一决赛:  至多36
    • 半决赛:  至多为四分之一决赛实际参赛人数的一半
    • 决赛:  6
  5. 选手如与任何评委有四亲等以内亲属关系或教学关系,须在比赛报到当日填写一份申明文件。教学关系指选手在报到当日前6个月中接受任何评委授课3次或以上的。
  6. 组委会将为进入四分之一决赛的所有选手提供旅费报销,选手可通过提供真实有效的经济舱机票发票或二等火车票凭证进行报销,报销金额最高不超过1000美金。
    • (注:本次比赛仅报销比赛前后一周内往返于上海的机票,如需要在其他城市停留,必须购买联程机票。陪同人员以及居住在上海的选手不享有此补贴。)
  7. 组委会将为各轮晋级选手提供免费住宿(不包含陪同人员)。
  8. 比赛将提供钢琴伴奏,但同时允许选手自带钢琴伴奏。如需自带,必须在在线申请时注明,组委会将为其提供相应免费住宿。