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Applications for the 2025 BFA class will open on August 1, 2024.
The deadline to submit prescreen materials is February 16, 2025.

Click on the RESOURCES TAB above for specific audition guidelines for each program.

SRU is using the Musical Theatre Common Prescreen for all Musical Theatre applicants.

Slippery Rock University is a NAST-accredited institution where Theatre students develop their artistry through hands-on experiences in academic classrooms, design studios, acting laboratories, and public performance spaces. We are a well-established undergraduate program offering a BFA degree in Acting (with concentrations in Musical Theatre and Acting) as well as BA degrees in Acting, Theatre Arts Management, Design & Technology, and Theatre Studies. Our department focuses on producing contemporary and new work as well as boldly inventive adaptations of classics. We are also focused on cultivating authentic, unique artists who are resilient and prepared for the theatre of tomorrow. To support our community we practice the principles of TIE (Theatrical Intimacy Education) and boundary work - honoring and respecting boundaries in all spaces: classroom, creative, and community.

We offer a world class education and conservatory-style pre-professional training, all at state university prices. Our small class sizes guarantee that students get as much hands-on experience as possible, beginning their very first semester.  Dedicated faculty and staff are committed to mentoring students though their studies and into their professional careers.  Graduates have gone on to flourish professionally as performers, designers, administrators and technicians; many have continued their education at top-ranked graduate programs.

SRU Theatre offers the following degree programs:

BFA Programs (require an audition)

BA Programs (no audition or portfolio required)
Students can also visit SRU DANCE DEPARTMENT or SRU MUSIC DEPARTMENT for more info about their degree programs.

New Facilities

Students will have the opportunity to perform in a brand-new state-of-the-art performing arts center, a complex boasting a 753-seat proscenium theatre, a 250-seat flexible black box theatre, spacious new scene and costume shops, and new acting and design classrooms. The spaces just opened in 2021 following a $30 million renovation.

International Performance Opportunities

The SRU Department of Theatre travels regularly to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform in the world’s largest international theatre festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Students have the opportunity to see works of theatre, dance, and physical theatre from around the world and earn an international credit for their resumes.

Additional Information:

We encourage you to explore Slippery Rock University, our Department, our programs and our campus by visiting the following links:

Contact Information:

Questions about our programs can be directed to the individuals below:

Please choose the RESOURCES tab above for Musical Theatre Audition Criteria
OR Acting Audition Criteria and begin your prescreen application through the dropdown menu to the left.


BFA Programs Admission Process
There are 2 steps to enrolling in one of Slippery Rock University’s BFA Acting programs. These steps can be completed in either order but we recommend applying to the university by December 1 in order to be eligible for the widest variety of scholarships and on-campus housing options.

  • Step 1: Admission to Slippery Rock University.
    • Complete the SRU application process.

SRU uses a rolling-admission process so there is no application deadline. However, December 1 is the deadline to be considered for merit scholarships and February 28 is the deadline to apply for consideration for SRU-based scholarships.

  • Step 2: Acceptance to the BFA program through the SRU Theatre Department.
    • Complete the two-phases of the audition prescreen and callback process.
      • Complete the prescreen process. This can be completed through Acceptd or through any of the unified audition events we will attend this year. Please reach out to for a current list of the unified events we are attending.
      • Students who successfully pass the prescreen phase will be invited to campus to complete an in-person callback audition.
      • If you wish to complete the prescreen process through Acceptd, you can begin by clicking on the programs in the dropdown menu on the left of the screen.

Prescreen audition submissions will be accepted through Acceptd on a rolling basis until February 16, 2025.

There are 2 phases to our audition process - the PRESCREEN AUDITION (Phase 1) and the in-person CALLBACK/INTERVIEW (Phase 2).  Students who successfully complete Phase 1 (either through Acceptd or a unified event) will receive an invitation to complete Phase 2. Students who successfully complete Phase 2 are accepted to the program. Students must be accepted to the BFA program AND admitted to SRU to enroll.

  • Phase 1 – Online Prescreen Audition
    • SRU is using the Musical Theatre Common Prescreen for all Musical Theatre applicants.
    • All applicants are required to submit the materials appropriate to their preferred program. DETAILED AUDITION GUIDELINES for both programs (ACTING and MUSICAL THEATRE) are included in the RESOURCES TAB above.
    • Students who successfully complete Phase 1 Prescreens will be invited to complete Phase 2 Callbacks. Students who receive a Phase 2 callback invitation will be offered a space at one of the in-person, on-campus callback auditions listed below.
    • Invitations to callbacks will be offered on a rolling basis so there are no specific deadlines for prescreen submissions except the final deadline of February 16, 2025. Students are encouraged to complete their prescreen process as early as possible.
  • Phase 2 – In-person Callbacks
    • Callback Auditions are by invitation only.
    • Callbacks will be conducted in-person on the SRU campus OR at Chicago Unifieds. The callback will include an audition and personal interview. The audition will require the student to incorporate direction or coaching advice related to the prescreen materials.

A NOTE ABOUT DANCE: The SRU Theatre BFA Acting program currently does not require dance auditions for either the prescreen or callback phases. This is because SRU Theatre collaborates very closely with our nationally-ranked Dance Department to offer dance training for students no matter what their past experience is. Students who are well-trained in dance may strengthen their applications by submitting optional dance videos and can request to be considered for the Dance Performance minor. These students will be placed in higher level dance studios to continue their training. Students who have had less training can choose to audition without submitting dance videos and will be placed in lower-level dance studios to strengthen their skills. The Departments of Theatre and Dance are committed to providing a path through the Musical Theatre program for any student, regardless of their level of dance training.

Specific guidelines and required submission materials for all BFA auditions can be downloaded from the RESOURCES tab above.

Should you have any general questions or concerns about the BFA programs, please feel free to reach out to

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.