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Songwriting University is excited to be here helping songwriters grow and refine their craft!

Our faculty songwriters have written for the biggest artists all over the world, songs you’ve definitely heard before. Now, you can learn from them and make your music the best it can be. You can dive right in with our premium subscription of video lessons, or connect one-on-one for a co-writing session with a faculty member.

Our video lessons are led by Gordon Kennedy and Mike Reid. They are self-paced lessons designed to equip a songwriter with improved skills, inspiration, information, and collaboration. Gordon and Eric share stories about their struggles and triumphs in songwriting, and challenge students to push their limits while creating.

Co-Writing sessions are a great way to start or finish a personal songwriting project. After a short questionnaire, we will pair you with an experienced songwriter within your genre, and then the fun begins! Typically sessions are 2-hours long; you can work on something brand new, use it to bust up writers block on half-finished masterpieces, and everything in-between. Every week we feature a song written during a co-writing session on our social media pages and blog. Go listen and hear the results! If you want learn more about booking a session of your own, start here! 

We included a preview of one of the video lessons. If you want more lessons, subscribe here, and don't forget to use your coupon code!