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The College Audition Conservatory
July 10-18, 2022
Rosen Centre Hotel, ORLANDO, FL 

The College Audition Conservatory
in Orlando, FL is more than just another "summer intensive." With over 40 hours of workshops, master classes, and seminars for both students AND parents, The Conservatory is a game-changing step in your college audition journey. During your eight days in Florida, students and parents will be immersed in eye-opening instruction with college faculty, empowering seminars, celebrity master classes, student performance opportunities, exciting evening activities, and a closing night party that will leave you with memories for years to come. 

“This is the absolute best college audition preparation program in existence. I can't imagine not having this stellar prep before college auditions. My daughter is ready and excited for what lies ahead.” - Marisa Gandler

“Before this Conservatory I was so lost but now I’m feeling more confident in my acting, singing and dancing. The Conservatory really prepares you for your future, no matter where you are experience-wise.” - Jenn Mason

“The College Audition Conservatory is an amazing experience to meet college faculty, learn from and with peers, and prepare for my college auditions. Before the College Audition Conservatory I didn’t know what my college auditions would be like, but after the program and am fully confident, eager, and prepared!” - Molly Gandler

“I feel so much more prepared and less nervous after meeting faculty face to face at the College Audition Conservatory, now I can walk into an audition room without being intimidated by the person behind the table and have full confidence in my material, talent, and myself as a person.” - Peyton Kern


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