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TheoryWorks offers ONLINE courses in music theory for vocalists and actors.
And this summer, TheoryWorks is launching a new, one-of-a-kind online summer course in music theory exclusively for incoming freshman Voice Performance and Musical Theatre majors, to help you ace your music theory entrance exams.

Singers notoriously do the worst on these exams. And that's for one simple reason: unless you also grew up taking piano lessons, *no one taught you.* So we're here to give you the leg up all your instrumentalist colleagues have going in.

Because receiving a low score on music theory entrance exams can land a student in beginner theory -- or, even an extra remedial theory class -- which is almost nearly guaranteed to be at 8am. (I know. I'm sorry.)

Our aim is to help incoming freshman singers:

(1) Save money on additional credit hours
(2) Free up their busy first year schedule, and
(3) Catch a few more precious ZZZs your freshman year

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"I’m swinging (in Mrs. Doubtfire) — and learning to read music has changed all of the game. I am so thankful for TheoryWorks, because it's made this Broadway credit so much more enjoyable."

– LaQuet Sharnell Pringle (Bring It On, Memphis, Mrs. Doubtfire), TheoryWorks I & II Graduate