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The overall mission of Tri-County Concerts Association is to serve the Greater Philadelphia community by promoting the performance and appreciation of the highest quality solo and ensemble chamber music. In accordance with that mission, in 1943 the association established an Annual Youth Festival to identify, encourage, and develop talented young music students living in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. The Youth Festival is one of the area's most prestigious competitions for aspiring young musicians in our area. It offers performance opportunities to a wide variety of instrumentalists and vocalists and is the only local competition run by an independent community board.

The Youth Festival has been a stepping stone to achievement for many of the thousands of young musicians who have participated since the competition's inception. Former winners have established national and international careers as soloists and as members of major symphony orchestras. Opera stars Anna Moffe and Clamma Dale first received recognition in Tri-County's Youth Festival. At present, other winners hold positions as principals in the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Houston, Indianapolis, and Detroid Symphony Orchestras, and four have seats in the Philadelphia Orchestra. See

Youth Festival auditions are open to high school and middle school students in piano, strings, winds, voice, and ensembles of all kinds, as well as musica diversa (harp, classical guitar, percussion, and more). For each instrument/category, there are two divisions, junior and senior. The repertoire performed must be from the traditional classical repertoire or a work of an established 20th- or 21st-century classical composer (i.e., not pop, jazz, or rock). Memorization is required for those auditioning in piano, strings, and voice.

The Youth Festival offers talented students an opportunity to receive critiques from professional judges. Those students deemed outstanding by the judges are given monetary awards; their photos and accomplishments are featured on the Tri-County Concerts’ website, and the 2021 winners' audition videos will be featured in a virtual winners' recital.

Audition Requirements:

In 2021, students must be pre-registered by their teachers by February 24 before they can register to audition. Auditions are limited to those students who complete registration by March 26, 2021.

Students who have completed registration on the Tri-County Concerts’ website and who have received their audition ID from Tri-County are ready to create an account on Acceptd, where they will submit their audition video.

Before doing so, please review the 2021 Youth Festival Guidelines and the Video Submission Guidelines.

Video application dates and deadline: April 5 - 30
  1. To submit your application and audition on Acceptd, first select your category and division (e.g., Piano Junior) from the dropdown menu. You will be prompted to create an Acceptd account, if you do not have one already.
  2. You will need the following information and media to complete your application:
    • your Youth Festival audition ID (this will be sent to you after registration on Tri-County’s website has closed)
    • your repertoire (composer, title of piece, movement, etc.)
    • audition length
    • photo in concert dress with instrument(s), plain background. (Click on 2019 Winners and then on their bios and photos on the Youth Festival page to see what we want.)
    • your audition video
    • Note: You will pay a $30 fee to Acceptd to submit your audition.  A fee waiver is available for qualified students.


If you have any questions, please contact the Youth Festival Directors at

Audition results:

The winners will be notified by phone and/or message in the third week of May. Winners’ names will be posted on the Tri-County Concerts’ website, and the judges’ rating forms will be mailed or emailed to students by the end of May. The winners will be asked to submit a brief bio, which will then be posted on the website with their photo.

Recital Video:

We will send out an announcement when the recital video is available for viewing.


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