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Welcome to the Tupelo High School Show Choir Department Audition Page! You will find information regarding submissions for both singer-dancers (Synergy/Soundwave) and Structure (instrumentalists). Please make sure to read all requirements carefully. Good luck!

Virtual Auditions:
  • May 22 website opens
  • May 27 dance video is uploaded

Process: All students will have access to our audition page through Acceptd. Students will video themselves singing up to 60 seconds of a song of their choice that shows their range and vocal abilities. Students will learn a dance via video tutorial starting May 27th and will record themselves doing the dance with as much technical and rhythmic accuracy as possible. Students will also complete the agreement required for submission. 

Applicants will be informed if selected soon after the May 29th due date. A personal email will be sent to parents/guardians confirming group selections. A list will be posted once all members have confirmed. A mandatory virtual meeting for all parents of students who make the group will be scheduled after lists is posted. 

Our Philosophy

The Tupelo High School show choirs are made of singer/dancers, instrumentalists, and crew members who perform a wide variety of popular music in concert, community, festival, and competitive settings. Singer/dancers are selected for their vocal ability, dance ability/potential, poise, and ATTITUDE. All students who attain membership in the THS Showchoir department are expected to represent their school, families, and community in a positive manner at all times, both on and off the stage. 

The audition DOES NOT end when the student is selected for one of the groups. Each rehearsal and performance is a chance to improve skills and to work in a team environment with others toward the SAME goal. Students are not guaranteed a place on the performing stage simply by passing the audition, but by earning that position through hard work and dedication in rehearsal. EVERY DAY IS AN AUDITION. 

The philosophy of the director is that students should be able to participate in as many high school activities as they desire, as long as they can maintain their academic grades and perform at an acceptable standard in each activity. This means adhering to all attendance, rehearsal, and performance policies. 


Attendance is mandatory in the THS show choir department. In an activity that is so TEAM-BASED, it is imperative that we have all members present at all times. In accordance with the TPSD Board Policies, students must be IN SCHOOL for a portion of the day in order to attend a rehearsal or performance on that day. Showchoir members are only allowed to miss 3 excused rehearsals throughout the year/season. All absences should be reported to Mrs. Ratliff as soon as possible. Realize that you may ask for permission to miss, but you will not always be granted permission. Asking to miss 24 hours or less before the rehearsal will most likely dismiss your chance of being excused unless there are extenuating circumstances- in which case, an adult will need to contact Mrs. Ratliff. If you are sick but not running fever, you are expected to come to sit and watch the rehearsal. There will be no absences two weeks before a performance. 

You will receive a calendar at the beginning of the school year, so you should schedule around the dates given. You are not allowed to leave early from rehearsals unless it is an emergency. If you are not present for at least 60% of the rehearsal, it will be considered an absence. EVERY MINUTE COUNTS. **SENIORS** Senior project is NOT an excuse to miss rehearsal. Your group can work around you. Try getting English in the fall semester- it really helps!!


Showchoir is a very demanding activity. Time management is essential to success in a show choir program because grades must come first. Because members are given a schedule so early in the season, they must learn to manage their time wisely. Students will not be allowed to use rehearsal time as study time or a time to meet with groups, such as the senior projects. Showchoir also misses school, particularly in the spring during competition season. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with their schoolwork and to communicate with their teachers prior to their absence. 


After school rehearsals are required for both Synergy and Soundwave. Synergy will be rehearsing every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:30-5:00. Soundwave will be given a schedule of the days they will be rehearsing after school. Rehearsal times will change as performances get closer.  

The following dates are reserved for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year for performances and competitions: 

**Soundwave choreography dates are TBA at this point**

  • September 7, 2020: Competition Choreography (Synergy)
  • November 4-8, 2020: Competition Choreography (Synergy)
  • January 29-30, 2021: Home Show
  • February 12-14, 2021: Competition 1 (Synergy)
  • February 20-21, 2021: Competition 2 (Synergy)
  • February 26-28, 2021: Competition 3 (Synergy and Soundwave)
  • March 4, 2021: Competition Showcase 

Expect the Schedule to Change 

Performances and Competitions

Competitions and school/community performances are extremely important and, therefore, cannot be missed. In an activity that is so team-based, it is IMPERATIVE that we have all members present for competitions. If a judge sees a “hole” in our blocking because members are missing, our scores will be affected and therefore, our placement. By committing to be in this group, you are committing to be at ALL competitions. Attendance to all rehearsals 2 weeks prior to performances is MANDATORY. Make hair and nail appointments after school/rehearsals. Missing a competition will result in your expulsion from the group with no refund. 


The THS show choir department is a drug-free organization- that INCLUDES vaping. ANY violation of the school’s substance policy will result in swift and severe consequences. This is a zero-tolerance policy and is to be followed during school hours and out of school (also including trips of any kind).          


This organization is a positive environment for those that have sincere love for art. It is not an activity that you should participate in if you are just looking for something to do after school or because your friends are doing it. This group takes 100% commitment physically, mentally, and emotionally. Negative attitudes, disrespect of any kind, dishonesty, and anything else the director deems unfit for the group will NOT be tolerated. This also applies to any trips since they are an extension of the school day. If multiple infractions occur, expulsion from the rehearsal setting or expulsion from the group at any point in the year without a refund will be at the discretion of the director. *NO PHONES ALLOWED DURING REHEARSALS**
We will be using Class Dojo each day to keep up with discipline. You will be able to check your points at any given time. Multiple infractions will result in expulsion from the group.

Solos and Placement

Solos and placement on the stage during songs are solely up to the director. Solos and placement are earned from talent, behavior, attitude, facials, and if the student is mature/responsible. Because solos and placement are earned, they can, therefore, be taken away should the student prove that they are not able to handle the stated characteristics and responsibilities. Solos can be hand-selected or auditioned as the director sees fit. Solos can include vocal or dance solos. 

Hair Color and Style

Singer Dancers must keep their hair natural colors, long enough to be pulled half-back or in a ponytail, and able to be curled during competition season. 

Financial Commitment/Fundraisers

There is a financial commitment the students and parents must make to participate in the program. The money fundraised will cover the expenses for costumes, music, accessories, trips, choreography, and many other needs. All money must be raised in full to participate in shows, competitions, and to audition next year. There will be 3 checkpoints to make sure that everyone is keeping up with fundraising. Checkpoint 1 will be at the end of September in which 75% of what should be due should be raised, checkpoint 2 at the end of November in which 75% of what should be due is raised, and checkpoint 3 at the end of January when all payment is raised. If you are not caught up at these points, your child will be dropped from the program. A detailed breakdown of the budget will be given out at the parent meeting should you be chosen.

The total amount to be raised each month for participating will be divided up into 6 months from August-January: $158 (Soundwave) or $335 (Synergy). 

Fundraising: This group participates in a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. There will be fundraisers that go toward each individual account and fundraisers that go toward the entire group. Profits from individual fundraisers will be deducted from the amount due each month. Group fundraisers are mandatory and the money goes into the group account to pay for “extras”- meals on trips, unexpected expenditures, etc. 

**COVID19 CLAUSE- Because of the current Covid19 difficulties, plans may drastically change this year and some of that money might not be able to be refunded. The Tupelo High School Show Choir Department is committed to making financially safe decisions this upcoming year. Every effort will be made to be the best stewards of all money raised to prevent the least amount of money lost should drastic changes be made.**

Please do not let financial concerns keep you from auditioning.  There will be plenty of fundraising opportunities available. Please let the director know if financial needs would keep you from participating. Should funds become available, limited scholarships may be offered. **Please see attached scholarship form if interested**