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2025 Acceptd Virtual "Walk-In" Auditions

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Our Virtual "Walk-In" Audition Weekend, for the Class of 2025, is an exceptional 
opportunity to audition for a handful of schools in a more accessible and less expensive manner.



Opens Sunday, December 15th at 12pm Noon EST, Closes Wednesday, January 8th at 11:59pm EST

1. Select a school you would like to audition for from the dropdown to the left

2. Complete that school's audition application

3. Pay the $20 audition fee
  • The audition fee is non-refundable
  • If you qualify for the College Board SAT or ACT fee waiver or for the Federal Free or Reduced-Price Lunch program (FRPL), you may reach out to our Support team via this link to provide documentation and receive a fee waiver. You must have the fee waiver before submitting your application.

4. Select an audition timeslot
  • You can find available timeslots for all of your Walk-In submissions by clicking the Schedule tab on your Acceptd profile and selecting the My Timeslots dropdown.
  • Audition timeslot duration has increased to 12 minutes this year!

4. Repeat Steps 1-4 as desired

Provide a sneak peek of your creative abilities to ALL participating Virtual "Walk-In" schools!
Opens Sunday, December 15th at 12pm Noon EST, Closes Wednesday, January 8th at 11:59pm EST

This free & optional submission allows all participating schools to familiarize themselves with your work and safeguards against technical day-of issues.

To note: this will NOT be utilized as a pre-screen for the event, and you do NOT need to present the same material in your live audition as you do in your Free Media Upload!

1. Select *Free Media Upload* from the dropdown to the left

2. Submit your contact info, headshot, resume, and a digital upload of your performance media (songs, monologues, and an optional dance video)


You may not audition for a school that you have already completed an audition for or you have received a pre-screen denial from in the 2024-2025 audition cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all participating schools have access to my Free Media Upload?
Yes! The Free Media Upload will allow all schools participating in the Virtual "Walk-In" event to have access to your contact information and any performance videos you would like them to view. The Free Media Upload is optional, but strongly encouraged. It will be open during the timeslot selection period December 15th through January 8th.

Is a pre-screen required to participate?
No! Just like In-Person Walk-In Auditions at Unifieds, a prescreen is not required to schedule a Virtual "Walk-In" audition slot. The Free Media Upload will not be used as a pre-screen for participation.

Is my audition fee refundable?
No. The $20 fee per audition is non-refundable. 

In what time zone will auditions be held?
All auditions will be held in Eastern Standard Time.

Do I also need to apply to the school after I complete my audition?
Yes. After you complete your audition, if you are seriously considering attending that school, you must submit your academic application within 2 weeks in order to be fully considered. Some schools also require a supplemental application to the department. 

Will there be walk-in auditions held for graduate programs as well?
No. The Acceptd Virtual "Walk-In" Auditions this year will only be for undergraduate BFA/BM/BA Acting and Musical Theatre programs. 

For technical assistance, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.