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Are you interested in career in theatre or music theatre? Are you an actor, a stage manager, designer, craftsperson, or someone who dreams of managing your own theatre?  

If your answer is “yes” we want to meet you!


For your health and safety – and that of our faculty – we have decided to pivot all of our upcoming auditions to a virtual format using the Acceptd AuditionRoom platform. This includes the National Unified Audition dates in New York and Chicago. This decision is made in response to the increasing infection rates of Covid brought on by the Omicron variant that is sweeping the country, and the unpredictability this is causing for air travel nationwide.

If you already scheduled an in-person audition in NYC or Chicago:
If you are currently scheduled for an in-person audition in NYC or Chicago, your audition will now be virtual. The date and time remain the same. Our scheduling manager, Toni Groshek, will email you with details and to confirm your availability.

If you have not yet scheduled your audition:
Schedule your audition within your Acceptd application by selecting your preferred audition date (see our schedule listed below). Audition times are assigned in chronological order on a first come/first serve basis and are confirmed with a message through the Acceptd message board.

All virtual auditions will use Acceptd's AuditionRoom. 

To apply, follow this sequence of steps: 

  1. APPLY to Viterbo University. Please note: Only students who have applied and been accepted to the university by our admissions office are eligible for admission to the Theatre and Music Theatre Department. If you are unsure of your application status, contact admissions at 608-796-3010 or
  2. Submit your digital portfolio and indicate your preferred audition date and location. Instructions are in the “Start an Audition Registration Form” on the left side of our Acceptd welcome page. Upon submission of your completed portfolio, we will use the Acceptd message board to confirm the date and time of your auditionNote: If you are attending Moonifieds, CAP, or other third party auditions your schedule will be determined by those organizations. 
  3. Questions or concerns, contact Toni Groshek at 608-796-3760.

Common Prescreen / Acceptd Portfolio Criteria 

Viterbo University is a participant in the Musical Theatre Common Prescreen. This means we use the following criteria for digital audition submissions. 

Though it's called a "prescreen" we do not use this process to screen you out of an audition. We intend to meet every student who applies. Your Acceptd portfolio helps us get to know you before your audition, and it allows us to share your work with faculty who may not be present for your live or virtual audition. 

Fees Charged by Acceptd (If you’d like information about these fees, please submit a ticket at the Help Desk.) 

  • A $30 payment is required to make your portfolio available to us.  
  • An additional $30 is required IF you choose the virtual audition option through AuditionRoom.
Note: The Viterbo University admissions office does not charge an application fee. 

Audition and Interview Schedule 2021–2022

  • Oct 8            Pittsburgh Unified Musical Theater Auditions – [Format: Virtual TBD)
  • Nov 12-14     College Audition Project - Atlanta, Georgia [Format: Virtual TBD]  
  • Nov 19          Moonifieds - Dallas, Texas [Format: Live]
  • Nov 30          Acceptd submission deadline for Dec. 4 Viterbo Virtual Audition
  • Dec 4            Viterbo Virtual Auditions [Format: Acceptd AuditionRoom]
  • Jan 29-30      National Unified Auditions - New York [Format: Virtual via Acceptd AuditionRoom]
  • Feb 7-10        National Unified Auditions - Chicago [Format:  Virtual via Acceptd AuditionRoom]
  • Feb 12           National Unified Auditions - Los Angeles [Format: Virtual via Acceptd AuditionRoom]
  • Feb 19           Acceptd submission deadline for Feb. 26 Viterbo Virtual Audition
  • Feb 26           Viterbo Virtual Auditions [Format: Virtual via Acceptd AuditionRoom]
  • Feb 26           Acceptd submission deadline for Mar. 5 Viterbo Virtual Audition
  • Mar 5             Viterbo Virtual Auditions [Format: Virtual via Acceptd AuditionRoom]

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.