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2022 Acceptd Walk-In Auditions

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Our Walk-In Audition Weekend, for the Class of 2022, provides an exceptional opportunity to audition for a handful of schools that, for whatever reason, you did not audition for in the early or regular decision rounds.


  • February 2 @ 12pm EST: Registration opens
  • February 16 @ 11:59pm EST: Registration closes
  • February 18 + 19 10am - 1pm and 2 - 5pm EST: Digital Walk-In Auditions take place


  1. Select the school you want to audition for in the dropdown to the left.
  2. Submit your contact info, headshot, resume, dance video (optional).
  3. Pay the $20 registration fee (nonrefundable).
    • If you qualify for the College Board SAT or ACT fee waiver or Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program (FRPL) you will be asked to provided documentation in order to waive the registration fee.
  4. Select your time slot for the school you picked.
  5. Repeat the registration for each audition you want to complete.
You may not audition for a school that you have already completed an audition for or received a prescreen denial from within the 2021-22 admissions cycle.



What should I include in my dance video?
The dance video is optional to submit, however, recommended for Musical Theatre students. We advise you follow the guidelines from the Musical Theatre Common Prescreen Criteria:
  • 30-60 seconds of dance, in whatever dance discipline you are most comfortable with: jazz, ballet, modern, African, hip hop, lyrical, or contemporary.
  • No barre , however, a ballet solo is acceptable.
  • No tap. For applicants that tap, consider showcasing that skill as part of your wild card submission.
  • Please use steps, movement, and physical vocabulary that you are familiar with and can execute well.
  • Dance media can be self-choreographed, but must be a solo video of you. This can include a show, competition, or other performance so long as you are clearly featured on your own.
  • All choreography must be performed to music; no “a cappella” dance media please.
Do I also need to apply to the school?

Yes. After you complete your audition, if you are serious about the school, you must submit your academic application within 2 weeks in order to be fully considered. Some schools also require a supplemental application to the department. Please reference your confirmation email upon registering for further details.

Are walk-in auditions for graduate programs too?
No. This year the Acceptd Walk-In Auditions are only for undergraduate students looking to audition for BFA, BM, or BA programs.

For technical questions, please visit the Acceptd Help Desk.