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We are currently accepting auditions on a rolling admissions basis.


  • Record 1 separate UNEDITED video for EACH requirement. No more than three videos can be uploaded: 1 video for all scales, 1 video for solo(s), 1 video for excerpts. (See audition requirements if required to play scales and/or excerpts.)

If you have any questions, please refer to or reach out to

The Youth Orchestras of Charlotte is dedicated to nurturing the musical talents of youth in the greater Charlotte area. We strive to instill life-long values of teamwork, responsibility, commitment, community, problem-solving, creativity, and cultural appreciation in our students from all social and economic backgrounds. As a beacon of artistic excellence, we develop and inspire the next generation of leaders through the study and performance of chamber and symphonic music.  

Our ensembles are led and coached by a team that includes musicians of the Charlotte Symphony and area music educators. Our Music Director, Dr. Ernest Pereira, has nurtured the talents of the region’s finest young musicians for over 30 years. His inspiration, experience and dedication has enhanced and elevated the musical training of many talented students from both North Carolina and South Carolina.


Benefits of Membership:

  • Being part of a community of musicians that shares a passion for music making and challenging repertoire
  • Masterclasses with nationally recognized guest artists, such as David Kim (Concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra), Mark O’Connor, Hyeyung Yoon, Amadi Azikiwe and university professors
  • Perform with guest soloists
  • Guest performances by nationally recognized ensembles, such as Heifetz on Tour
  • Sectionals with members of the Charlotte Symphony and area music educators
  • Audition experiences
  • Chamber music and community performance opportunities
  • Travel opportunities in select years (i.e. Kennedy Center Performance 2020)
  • Opportunities to be a featured student soloist
  • Advancement and leadership opportunities within the ensembles
  • Retreats and social events throughout the season


Auditions are held annually for both new and current members.  We currently have openings in all groups and in all sections. Acceptance and placement are a competitive, merit-based process in which each musician must meet requirements for consideration. 

In order to view your video audition requirements; you must select your ensemble, group, instrument and program in the 'Apply Here!' column to your left. From here, you will be taken to the audition requirement information (i.e. specific excerpts, scales listed; if required for your instrument) for your particular instrument/ensemble.  

Create an account and submit the on-line audition application form with the video submission by the listed deadline. All candidates are required to pay a non-refundable $30 audition fee.


  • Select your ensemble, group, instrument, program
  • Input your information
  • Upload your audition materials (no more than 3 videos)
  • Submit your audition. Make sure that you have uploaded all materials. Once submitted you can not go back into your application.

Suggestions for video auditions


The judges want you to demonstrate what you can do. Prepare all requirements listed for your instrument/ensemble on the YOC video audition sheet. The judges are listening for rhythmic accuracy, appropriate tempos, intonation, pitch accuracy, tone, musicality, and technical fluency.

Please read these suggestions for your audition video:


  • Aim for the best possible audio and video quality.
  • Record 1 separate UNEDITED video for EACH requirement. No more than three videos can be uploaded: 1 video for all scales, 1 video for solo(s), 1 video for excerpts. (See audition requirements if required to play scales and/or excerpts.)


  • Strings: If you have been asked to select a solo, your solo video should be no longer than 3 minutes. You may select the best minutes of  your solo to submit.

           Winds and brass: record all designated sections of the solo(s) that are listed. 

  • To start your audition application, you will need to create an account in Acceptd.


  • Upload your video files to our YOC Acceptd page. The following digital formats are accepted: MPEG, MPG, MP4, OGG, MOV, AVI, WMV, M4V, VOB, DO NOT send your audition recordings in an email.


  • The judges need to see your face, whole instrument, fingers, bow, and embouchure. Do not block the view with your music Playing positions should be clearly seen.


  • Phone/recording equipment should not be placed directly in front brass bells. Put some space between you and your recording equipment.


  • Please say “I am going to play….” in the video before you begin playing each section of your audition. Speak (Ex: I am going to play my D, F and chromatic scales.”


  • Please watch your videos to make sure that you are uploading your best take(s) and that the audio/video are good to go. Once you submit the application you cannot change or upload videos. Keep a copy of your audition recording file for your records.


  • Important note: No editing of the videos is permitted. Applicants whose videos show evidence of any cuts, splicing, manipulation of pitch, or other alterations within a performance segment will be subject to disqualification.